Chipotle Grill Bariatric Burrito Bowl

Behold the Chipotle Mexican Grill Bariatric Burrito!  Barbacoa, fajita vegetables, black beans, fresh tomato salsa, roasted red & green salsa, guacamole and romaine!

Years ago, on a trip to California as a fairly new post op, my bariatric friend Lynnda took me to Rubios where I discovered that the inside of their shrimp burrito contained etherial soft squishy bariatric loveliness. I have carried that with me for years.

A new Chipotle Mexican Grill opened next to the Panera Bread we frequent so we thought we would check it out. Whoa, it was fantastic. Now I wonder why I am just finding out about this place!

Good clean fresh food with plenty of options that are awesome for bariatrics diets IF you pay attention to what you are choosing (THINK), do not succumb to the yumminess of sour cream (WILLPOWER) and use a little common sense (THINK AGAIN).

The interactive nutrition calculator on their website is exceptional and EYEOPENING. You can totally assess what the options are and plan for a satisfying and fast meal that doesn’t kill you with carbs and calories. I used to think it was ridiculous for restaurants to put the calorie counts on menus but have rethought it now that I am busting my butt working out every day.

Now, I welcome the calorie counts as I have had a change of view point while on the Precor Elliptical Crosstrainer while listening to Aerosmith. It takes a lot of effort to burn even 100 calories! Frames it differently for me.

Chipotle Grill Bariatric Burrito Bowl


Before arriving at the restaurant I used the calculator to decide what I would like to order and it allowed me to stick to my intended plan. I weighed the deliciousness factor versus calories and could not believe the difference that my choices made! What an eye opener.

Both pork carnitas and barbecoa beef are braised slow and low, so they are lean and moist, not to mention delicious. These are excellent choices for bariatric eating as they are super tender. Then layer with fajita vegetables, all three salsas and guacamole for perfect bariatric texture.

My bozo husband ‘accidentally’ ordered himself a 1400 calorie gut busting burrito, that could only be surpassed by the Secret Menu Fat Calorie Bomb that the guy ahead of us ordered. It was the same burrito Ty had them made but it was rolled in a Quesadilla… so that would be TWO hubcap sized tortillas sandwiched with cheese and seared golden on the metal plancha BEFORE it was filled with all available options.

It is pretty easy to avoid the high calorie carb heavy options to create a bariatric friendly option that comes in at about 550 calories, or about 275 calories per portion. I enjoyed a great meal that was bariatric friendly, at a great price with leftovers.

OH… and it was super delicious. Not as good as Rubios, but that may never be equaled.