Low impact bariatric exercise plan


I get that we all thought that if we had weight loss surgery it would fix things and we would never need to worry again. That’s just not true. SURGERY GAVE US A FREE PASS TO GET OUT FROM UNDER THE WEIGHT BUT NOW IT’S UP TO US TO PRESERVE THAT GIFT. We cannot expect to maintain our new body weights for the rest of a long life without exercise. The dirty little bariatric secret. I know we aren’t supposed to admit it, but I get it and it’s just between us. For ten years I didn’t mention it. That time is gone. It took me thirteen years and a serious regain to understand I couldn’t do this with mindful eating alone.

Too many post ops use the excuse that they have bad legs, knees, ankles… and because of this they CANNOT exercise. Fact is, it’s an excuse. It’s from the same group of excuses we all used for years as to why we were 285 pounds. I DONT UNDERSTAND IT, I DONT EAT THAT MUCH, I MUST JUST HAVE A BAD METABOLISM. Psssst… it is bs. I ate very high calorie food, took in way more calories than I burned, and didnt burn any sitting on the sofa. I own it.

LOW IMPACT Bariatric Sweat
I have posted a pair of videos for you to add some LOW IMPACT cardio that you can do at home . This means you are NOT jumping or moving any body part that will HURT your bad body parts. Plus you’ll fall in love with BJ Gaddour of StreamFit! He is awfully cute, shows great passion and sweats right along with you. This exercise will increase your heart rate and metabolism and set the weight loss process on FIRE. Start off slowly and build. Make up your mind that this is something you must do to live.

This is how LITTLE exercise you can do – I promise that it will make a difference!

High Intensity Interval Training HIIT has been proven to double or triple weight loss efforts and is better than hours of running or walking. The concept is to do something over and over like a crazy person for a very short period of time, like 15 seconds. Then rest for 30 seconds and repeat the movement again.

The first video, Ground Zero Jump is an INSANE Fat Burner, The second, the Anytime Fat Burner is also not as easy as you’d think. Practice the opposite arm & leg march for proper technique and you can do it slowly at first until you get it.
1. Even though simple, it’s VERY hard to do for long when you just start out, try 15 seconds!
2. There is a free app called HIIT Stopwatch, you can tap the screen as a timer
3. Follow 15 seconds of movement with 30 seconds of rest, then repeat
4. Work up to doing a set of 30 seconds fast then 30 seconds slow, repeat 9 times for a 9 minute workout!

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