Now that you have your answers in your head, read through the questions again but this time with our Best Answer highlighted and Best Answer explanation! Let us know your score in Comments!  Any perfect scores? BE Proud and let us know. Are you a Bariatric Jeopardy Champion?

1. How many incisions are made for the instruments used in a laparoscopic bariatric surgery?
A.More than four
B. Always three
C. One
D. Two
E. None of the Above
Best answer is E – conditions techniques and circumstances vary between patients and surgeons. Some have one incision while others may need more due to situation.

2. Which procedure has the highest percentage for resolution of diabetes?
A. Gastric bypass
B. Gastric band
C. Gastric sleeve
D. South Beach Diet
Best answer is A. Gastric bypass at 84%, Gastric band at 48%, Gastric Sleeve at 72%, and South Beach Diet… while eating right will influence diabetes and can control it, it does not resolve diabetes in numbers as high as any of the bariatric .

3. Which procedure has the highest percentage for resolution of high blood pressure?
A. Gastric band
B. Gastric sleeve
C. Gastric bypass
D. Sending your kids to their grandmothers house
Best answer is C. Gastric bypass at 75%, Band at 55%, Sleeve at 48%, and ‘No Kids’ is just temporary.

4. What is the most common deficiency or nutrient complication in those who have had Bariatric surgery?
A. D
B. B1
C. Calcium
D. Iron
E. Zinc
Best answer is A. Vitamin D deficiencies have been reported in as high as 91% of those who have had a bariatric procedure. Iron follows with just over half of all post ops at 51%. Calcium and Zinc deficiencies are common but in smaller numbers. B1 deficiencies are rare but can be fatal. Keep up with your lab work and TAKE GOOD VITAMINS – surgery upsets the nutrient balance of the body and can greatly impact your life. This is serious stuff not fluff. 

5. Which puree is the least acceptable for early stage bariatric post op
A. Refried beans
B. KFC in a blender
C. Applesauce
D. Mashed potato blended with PURE unflavored protein
E. Sugar free pudding blended with Inspire protein powder
Best answer is B. While technically a puree, liquid KFC is not a good choice. Best choices of purees are those which you fortify with protein powder – Inspire protein powder flavors and PURE Unflavored are 100% whey protein isolate, which is the most efficient whey protein and also has the cleanest flavor. FYI, we did not make up answer ‘B’, a real person in our Support Board forum got creative and very sick from that one.

6. Which of the following is the whole grain?
A. popcorn
B. couscous
C. wholewheat English muffin
D. blueberry muffin
Best answer is A but its a trick question as while popcorn is a whole grain it’s NOT a good choice for a bariatric post op. Whole grain includes the entire grain seed, or kernel. Examples of whole grains are popcorn, wild rice, buckwheat, barley, cornmeal, oatmeal, quinoa, brown rice, rye, and wheat. Couscous is a pasta, wholewheat English muffin is healthy sounding but mostly processed flour, blueberry muffin is white flour.  The phrase ‘eat more whole grains’ is often said to justify eating bread as few have quinoa, millet or barley in mind.

7. How long does the average post op need to follow a bariatric diet before they can go back to eating their normal favorite foods?
A. one year
B. three years
C. ten years
D. forever
Best answer is D. This is not a race or a temporary fix and those having bariatric surgery need to follow a lean and healthy dietary plan as part a lifelong commitment.

8. What is the single largest source of saturated fat in the American diet?
A. Pizza
B. Burgers
C. Cheese
D. Ice cream
Best answer is C. While most choose ‘the Burger’ thinking it is highest in fat, it’s Cheese that provides 10% of the saturated fat in the average American diet. So when you choose cheese, make sure you choose a LOWER FAT variety. Rule of thumb: the softer the cheese the higher the fat. Cream Cheese and Brie are soft and high in fat while Parmesan is super hard and contains nearly zero fat. Cheddar and Swiss are lower fat ‘hard cheeses’.

9. When buying yogurt, which ingredient would be considered Added Sugar when reading the label?
A. Milk
B. Honey
C. Fructose
D. Strawberries
E. Stevia
F. B and C
Best answer is F as both honey and fructose are added forms of sugar/sucrose. Milk and strawberries can be ingredients in an otherwise unsweetened yogurt that can show as having 8-15g sugar because both have natural sugar. When you buy yogurt the number of sugar grams will include the natural sugar and added sugar together as a single number and not give you a clear picture of the nutrition. Instead read the label and if there are no forms of added sugar listed, it’s a safe bet.

10. One of the following is not a cause of bariatric ulcers:
A. Smoking
B. Tylenol
c. Aleve
D. Alcohol
Best answer is B. Tylenol is not a known cause of ulcers and is therefore safe for minor pain or headaches for most bariatric post ops. Ulceration of the surgically created connection in the pouch occurs in approximately 7% of all bariatric cases. Causes of ulceration include gastric acidity, smoking, use of non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs also called NSAIDS (Aleve, aspirin or ibuprofen are NSAIDS). Read about bariatric ulcers if you have pain with eating or drinking.

11. The symptom that is not usually a part of Gastric Bypass Dumping Syndrome:
A. Fast heartbeat
B. Cold clammy sweats
C. Leg Cramps
D. Passing out
E. Diarrhea
Best answer is C, as normally leg cramps are not part of the Dumping Syndrome package. When excessive carbohydrates, sugars and/or fats are ingested, they pass directly into the small intestine. Subsequently, the intestine secretes a large amounts of fluid to dilute the offending food creating an immediate imbalance. The patient may therefore feel rapid heartbeat, cold sweats, lightheadedness, stomach pains and anxiety. Such state may last for up to 45 minutes and is often accompanied by diarrhea. It is a terrible feeling that serves as a negative reinforcement for eating bad choice foods.

12. How much tender beef would you have to eat to take in 75 grams of protein?
A. one pound
B. about 11 ounces
C. one ounce
D. a cup
E. 4 ounces
Best answer is B, as beef has about 7 grams of protein per ounce – 11 ounces of meat at 7 grams protein per ounce equals 77 grams protein. Most solid proteins… beef, chicken, fish, turkey, pork or shrimp have about 7 grams of protein per ounce. So multiply the number of ounces by 7 to get the total amount of protein. A piece of beef or chicken the size and thickness of the palm of your hand is about four ounces. One egg has about 7 grams of protein so it would take 11 eggs to equal 77 grams of protein. All too much for a bariatric sized pouch! This is why protein drinks are a reliable source of protein for bariatric post ops!

13. Which food gives you the most calcium per serving:
A. Spinach
B. Low-fat milk
C. Cottage cheese
D. Greek Yogurt
E. Plain low fat yogurt
Best Answer is E. While Greek yogurt is higher in protein, for calcium content plain low fat yogurt is tops! A cup of Greek yogurt contains 20g protein & 250mg calcium, where a cup of plain yogurt will give you 12g protein & 450 mg calcium. Two small capsules of Journey BoneCal Calcium have the equivalent of nearly two cups yogurt, so for efficiency supplements are a win. BEST BET TIP: use both food and supplements, as when you break a bone, its too late to go back and fix!

14. Your body needs this vitamin to absorb Calcium.
A. C
B. B12
C. B1
D. D
E. Zinc
Best answer is D as Vitamin D and Calcium are partners. Your body can’t absorb calcium without vitamin D, which you can get from the sun and some foods. It has been shown in recent study that 91% of bariatric post ops have a D deficiency and need to take supplements. While technically Vitamin D is a hormone and not a vitamin, we will not split hairs. We make Journey Sunlight, high dose natural Vitamin D3 softgels to help bariatric post ops more easily raise D levels.

15. People who have an iron deficiency very often have an uncontrollable craving to:
A. Bite their nails
B. Grind their teeth
C. Chew ice cubes
D. Eat cucumbers
E. Chew toothpicks
F. All of the above
Best answer is C. It is very common for bariatric post ops who have an iron deficiency to chew ice. It is such a strong urge that they often do not believe it is part of the deficiency. Patients sometimes debate that it is ‘just something they like to do’, but once the deficiency is treated, they are no longer compelled to eat ice. If you are an ice eater, its pretty likely you have a serious Iron deficiency that can be confirmed by a blood test for iron and ferritin. 

16. Which one is sugar?
A. Acesulfame potassium
B. Saccharin
C. Sucralose
D. Sucrose
E. Aspartame
Best Answer is D, Sucrose. The others are artificial sweeteners. Sugar is also ‘hidden’ in ‘Ingredients’ lists as fructose, high fructose corn syrup, cane sugar, organic cane juice, honey, maple syrup, white grape concentrate, and pear concentrate.

17. Which of the following vegetables has the fewest carbs per half cup.
A. Corn
B. Sweet potatoes
C. Green beans
D. Cauliflower
E. Zucchini
Best answer is E. Zucchini, at about 2 carbs per half cup, brings a lot of nutrients, flavor and texture to the party for a low carb cost. Green beans are close behind at about 3 carbs per half cup. 

18. Which of the following fruits has the fewest carbs per half cup.
A. Grapes
B. Pears
C. Pineapple
D. Strawberries
E. Banana
Best answer is D. Strawberries, at 4 carbs per half cup, bring a lot of nutrients and flavor to the party for a low carb cost.

19. Which of the following vegetables has the greatest number of carbs per half cup.
A. Corn
B. Sweet potatoes
C. Green beans
D. Cauliflower
E. Zucchini
Best answer is B. While all vegetables are nutritious good choice foods, Sweet Potato is high in carbohydrates at about 26 per half cup. They have lots of vitamin A and nutrients, so they are still a good nutrient rich food for us, but only without marshmallows brown sugar and butter.

20. Which of the following fruits has the greatest number of carbs per half cup.
A. Grapes
B. Pears
C. Pineapple
D. Strawberries
E. Banana
Best answer is E. While bananas are a fresh healthy food, they are high in sugar/carbs and too much can put an RNY post op into a sugar/carb episode at 18g carbs per half cup of slices. Grapes are close behind in carb/sugar content, which is why white grape concentrate is used as a ‘natural’ sweetener. Fruit is healthy but keep an eye on carbs and sugar for balance. 

34 thoughts on “Bariatric IQ ANSWERS

  1. Susan M Guck says:

     #1: ‘gastric by-pass’ is not correct terminology if what you are referrring to is, in fact Roux N Y.    I had a lap RNY done and I am here to tell you that every instrument inserted had its own incision….SIX of them to be exact.  

    #7:  Everybody, EVERY BODY, needs fats.  Good fats. No fats can mean that you get constipated more easily.  

           Your brain is made of mostly fats.  

           Butter is NOT the devil.  Come on…get a grip.

    • Susan Maria Leach says:

      Hey there Susan! Thanks for your comments. The spirit of question #1 was to remind us that there are different procedures done laparoscopically and we all do not have the same number of incisions – we were not referring to RNY alone. For my 2001 RNY I had 5 incisions and that included having my gall bladder removal at the same time. As for your second comment, who said anything about ‘no fat’? Lean does not mean ZERO fat, it means lean. I am not opposed to a little butter, but we do need to watch what we consume for the rest of our lives. Bariatric surgery doesn’t carry us forever. – Susan

  2. Leanne says:

    I am almost 10 years out with RYN.  Even though I got half of the answers wrong, it was a good education for myself.  Always good to be reminded of our community’s stumbling blocks.

  3. Carla Boyd says:

    Wonderful little test, which was also a reminder!  I missed #1 since I had open bypass.  But enjoyed “working” my brain.   
    If you’ve ever experienced #11, you never forget it and never want to repeat it.
    Thank you!

  4. Deb's sister says:

    I missed 4 of these ! ** and as a self proclaimed know it all / I am not as all knowing as I thought ! #1 was a trick question and made me wary about the rest of the test/quiz. #9 The added sugar question got me because I wanted to add strawberries as added sugar /since they are not essential for plain yogurt. ( second trick question !) #17 is too close for a real call ! 2 grams per 1/2 cup .. .is the cup packed? loosely filled? (3rd trick question !) #6 was the one where not having a CLUE on how to spell keen-o-wa made me chose cousous lol ALL my misses where tricky! but this DID make me think and showed me that I am just a “think I know it all” not a real one !

  5. Karen Bribiesca says:

    WOW!  I got 20/20.  I still get dumping syndrome for some of the strangest items but after 9 years I am feeling better everyday!  Who knew? I am better at 58 than I was at 38!  

  6. Debbie says:

    I got 9 wrong. I was a little worried about the first question because I knew it could depend on the patient but their was on choice for that. It was a fun trickey question. 
    I also needed to pay attention to what I read. There was a couple of questions I read wrong! My fault…

    Anyway it was a fun test and brought some attention to what I need to pay attention to and to be more knowledgeable in what I eat. 

    Thank You its a long journey but it was a long journey to get to the weight I was at also. So glad to be down to the weight I am now and will continue forward to get down lower in time. 

    • Susan Maria Leach says:

      You wrote a few words that were brilliant Debbie… that ‘it was a long journey to get to the weight I was at’. We forget that it took some of us 30 years to reach pre op weight, which means taking a few years to figure out a new life and get to goal is still a WIN. Thanks for your input!

  7. Shelia says:

    I got 9 out of 20 incorrect. I didn’t know my veggies. Ugh…..

    I agree a fun test. I will print and add to my journey album that I a creating for myself.

  8. Debbie says:

    12 out of 20 correct if this was school I failed.  Had gastric bypass in 2006 and I’m still learning.  Thank you, having  this website the support and products have been so helpful.

  9. Janet says:

    I got 17 out of 20–thanks to this support group and all the good information I’ve gotten from every one of you. Without this group I never would have guessed that chewing ice was a sign of iron deficiency! I’m almost 6 months out from VSG, but with the support of everyone here I’m being given the tools I need to succeed and be healthy for the rest of my life.

  10. Susan says:

    I could tell what the answer was because the correct one was plainly more bold than the other options given. If not for that I would have guessed three of them wrong.

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