Weight loss surgery transforms so many aspects of our lives! Even losing a little weight allows hormones to work the way they are supposed to and often reignites the body. However, losing half your body weight in a matter of months can throw things into turmoil and have the opposite effect, where one needs to sort out feelings and emotions that may have been suppressed or ignored for years.


7 Ways to Reboot Intimacy after Weight Loss Surgery

Here are 7 ways to jump start your love life after Bariatric Surgery

1. Lose weight together. Enroll your partner in making some changes and lose even a little weight with you. Since you are already changing the dynamic of the household, invite them to be on board for part of the journey. Experts say losing as few as 10 pounds can free up sex hormones and almost immediately give a boost to your love life.

It will also help to make your partner feel as if they are a part of positive change instead of left out on the sidelines.


2. Change the menu for the household. Even for someone who has not had bariatric surgery, following a bariatric diet low in fat and sugar can help control high blood pressure and blood sugar and turn around a low sex drive, even if they don’t lose weight. Sex drive killing complications of obesity, such as sleep apnea, diabetes and high blood pressure, are greatly improved or reversed by bariatric surgery.

Eating healthier fresh foods is win win for all.


3. Working out stimulates the entire body. Activities that increase blood flow to the large muscle groups in the thighs, glutes, and pelvis such as fast walking or using the great ‘at home’ exercise video programs on our website, will create better circulation and ultimately better blood flow makes things happen. If you have more energy, you feel better, think clearer and move better. All this can translate to a better sex drive.

When people start taking better care of themselves and eating right they report a substantial increase in their interest in sex.

Shades of Grey tie
4. Read a sexy book. Fifty Shades of Grey is an international phenomenon for a reason. It awakened women who thought they were over! Make time for yourself. Grab a glass of wine, curl up on the sofa with a blanket and grab the iPad or even an old fashioned romance novel. The goal of focusing attention back on sex can improve both drive and desire. There is nothing sexy about laundry, office stress or grocery shopping. If that’s taking up all your thoughts, there is no room to think about sex, no matter what your shape or size.

Make time for your mind to wander. Try it… you will be surprised.


5. Accept your body at any size. For some, getting physical problems under control is all it takes to increase drive and desire. For others, it’s still not quite enough. It’s common to be haunted by years of negative thinking and the poor self image that has been with you doesn’t automatically go away because you lose weight. However, you are what you tell yourself.  The epitome of sexuality is abandoning self-consciousness to experience the moment intensely. If you are uneasy about a fat stomach or loose skin on your thighs or how your butt looks, it’s pretty difficult to enjoy the moment, much less be there for your partner.

Try to let go and not respond with negative talk or thoughts when someone tells or shows you how much they care about you.

Women tend to over analyze the whole scene while men are simply happy we are there.


6. For men, losing pounds ‘adds inches’. Men who lose weight are surprised by the difference when the belly fat has receded. Dr. Oz confirms that for about every 35 pounds a male loses they gain about one inch of length. In addition, when men lose fat less estrogen is produced, which increases availability of testosterone. Confidence, working out and feeling good about positive life changes work with physical change to create all over improvements in sex drive.

This is worth repeating. Men, Dr. Oz confirms that for about every 35 pounds a male loses they gain about one inch of length.


7. Timing is everything. We are programmed by obesity and society to think of getting dressed up and enjoying a wonderful evening out with cocktails, dinner and dessert as a prelude to the bedroom. However, generally alcohol and too much food leads to sleep. In your new healthier mindset, put intimacy in a different light.

Go on a fast morning walk or workout with your partner and recognize that all that energy, heat and blood flow can be channelled into good sex.


Don’t buy into society’s idea of the perfect sexual body – allow your own sexuality and sensuality to thrive inside the body you have. Life is much too short to worry about not being perfect. Look around you… no one is perfect. We are all unique. 

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