Inspire Dutch Chocolate Cake Protein Powder
Follow me on this one. Food contains NUTRIENTS that run your body. With Bariatric Surgery, you lose 100 pounds in 7 months due to FORCED MALNUTRITION as your new stomach holds just 1/2 a cup of food. Every bite has to count unless you want your organs to shrivel to nothing and your body to be so fatigued you can hardly hold up your head.

Jeopardy: The Category Is – Protein Facts
$200 This protein known for ‘breasts & legs’ has about 7g protein per ounce.
What is Chicken?

$400 This protein food often featured in ‘burgers’ has about 7g protein per ounce.
What is Beef, Alex?

$600 This protein food lives underwater never touching bottom has about 7g protein per ounce.
What is Fish?

$800 This protein most often eaten as ‘chops & ham’ has about 7g protein per ounce.
What is Pork?

$1000 This protein is delicious ‘deviled’ and each convenient portion has about 7g protein.
What is an Egg?

$1200 Popular varieties of this protein are Swiss & Parmesan and have about 7g protein per ounce.
What is CHEESE?

The Math
To take in 77 grams of protein a day, you must eat 11 ounces of chicken, beef, fish, pork, cheese, OR 11 EGGS.  After bariatric surgery and possessing a stomach pouch the size of a lemon, that just isn’t possible. Somehow, we need to make up for the difference between the small amount of food we can fit and the amount we need for the body to run through basic functions.

I’ll Have Vanilla Protein Pills Please!
People ask why we don’t make protein pills. We could, but no one would buy them because you’d have to pour them into a bowl and eat them as you would Cheerios. Protein is bulky and pills would be almost the same volume as the food. About four grams of protein would fit into a large capsule. I believe I would rather eat a 1/2 inch cube of cheese!

The answer is the Protein Drink. We can cram 20 grams of REALLY GOOD QUALITY, HIGHLY BIOAVAILABLE, CLEAN PURE PROTEIN into just four ounces of drink. We can even make it taste good. However, we can lead the horse to water but cannot make you drink. Neither can the surgeons or nutritionists. We operate of free will.

It’s up to you to drink the protein.
If you don’t take in enough protein, your organs shrivel up, your body uses your own muscle for protein and your hair falls out in an effort to conserve. If you had CANCER that had been CURED, but to keep it from coming back you had to drink three shakes a day that tasted like DIRT, would you drink them to keep your cancer away?

Of course you would. Then why is Morbid Obesity any different. The bariatric procedure CURED the Morbid Obesity but to keep it away and remain healthy it takes three shakes a day (and 6 super duper specialized vitamin capsules).

Fortunately, Inspire Protein Powder tastes good, where making up the difference between the silly little plate of steak you are able to eat and what you need so your hair doesn’t fall out is NOT an issue. I look forward to drinking an Inspire Vanilla to swallow my Journey All in One Multi-Caps. No Problemo.

Be Accountable

Be Proactive

Be Responsible

Be in Charge

Be Strong

You are the Keeper of Your Own Health. Today, there are people who have lost their health through no fault of their own. Through surgical weight loss you have opportunity for a second chance. Don’t blow it.