Portable Network Graphics image-B26BB6783734-1We have always received a great deal of email over the years from bariatric folks wondering about divorce & relationship statistics after all the change that comes with losing so much weight.

When you are together for any real amount of time, talking decades not years, there will ALWAYS be major change in a relationship because life is change. Age, money, kids, jobs, health –  losing weight is just another challenge that upsets the balance. Good relationships get better (not that they don’t have blips), bad relationships sometimes get better, but more often they get worse. Losing weight creates a platform for better self worth, which can add a whole new dimension to a partnership, depending on how and why it was created.

One thing we do know is that sharing and laughter is part of a healthy relationship and when life is difficult or hectic, romance is the first thing to go! When we need to pull together, we often move apart.

That is why I have written & curated a tasteful adult website – 40 Shades of Grey – for the sassier side of life. There are some frisky & amusing articles about Sam Elliott & Turning Fifty and a store with adult products that have been carefully chosen to add some spice to life. NOT TOO MUCH… but a bit. It’s a fairly blush free zone.

We invite you to take a look. Hint for (or Ask) for a GOOD Valentines Day Gift this year. I promise you’ll have a better February 14th than if you didn’t! Or take matters into your own hands, take the lead, schedule a date night and show up with a gift! I promise things will go well for you. Life is short… enjoy every day… worry less… hug more.

Let’s take a Peek at the Store!

I’d Like to go to the 40 Shades of Grey Website!

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