Guess My Deficiency, Dark Circles? Tired? Ice Chewing? Got It?

You may have guessed it, you probably know it, you may even have it, but most of us allow it to slide.

Greater than HALF of all bariatric post ops are Iron Deficient but do not take iron because of the SIDE EFFECTS. We have all nervously laughed upon hearing the words ‘Manual Extraction’, but honestly … Not Funny!

This deficiency can often be prevented and in most cases easily handled but we take our chances with under eye circles, terrible fatigue, telling ourselves we LIKE to chew ice and even endure IV infusions. All because we are more afraid of the side effects of ordinary iron – cement like constipation, burning and nausea.

Since I am a bariatric post op, it was critical for us to tackle Iron Deficiency with common sense, empathy and SCIENCE instead of using cheap iron and making believe side effects don’t happen.

Journey Gentle Iron elects to use highly specialized chelated iron called Ferrochel® from Albion Laboratories that does NOT have these side effects – you can Take Your Iron as told and work to prevent the deficiency instead of spending years digging out of one.  Our formulas offer better and more efficient nutritional support for post op health – a benefit of Bariatric Vitamins developed by those who take them!

5 Reasons Why You’d Be Better Off With Journey Gentle Iron Ferrochel® 

1. Safer—your body absorbs only what it needs
Ferrochel’s chelate structure allows your body’s iron stores to control how much iron is absorbed, so that you don’t absorb too much. A body suffering from iron deficiency may uptake 90% of the iron from Ferrochel, while a body not deficient may uptake only a small amount.

2. Less Nausea and or Constipation
Studies have found fewer instances of gastrointestinal upset with Gentle Iron’s Ferrochel. This is a huge advantage for Bariatric post ops, who can take Journey products without worrying about burning, nausea and nasty constipation.

3. No Taste
A study of iron supplementation in women found that 30% of women stopped taking a typical iron supplement because of the taste—compared to none of the women taking Ferrochel iron as it is taste free. Grape Melts are so good that taste is a NON ISSUE.

4. More Effective—even with a lower dose
Ferrochel’s chelated form significantly increases absorption through the intestinal wall compared to typical iron supplements. So Less is More. Efficiency is a beautiful thing!

5. NO 2 Hour Rule!
Typical iron supplements block absorption of other nutrients such as calcium, vitamin E, and vitamin C, which is where ‘the 2 HOUR RULE’ comes from. Ferrochel chelate is ionically neutral (carrying no electrical charge) and it does NOT block absorption of other nutrients so you may take your iron when convenient for you. We simply add it to the multi formula, so no more separate iron.

Journey chooses Ferrochel as its source of iron for Gentle Iron Grape Melts and Easy & Complete 3+3 Multiformula Tangerine Tabs, Berry Melts & Capsules.

Get yourself some Journey Gentle Iron Grape Melts

You can also visit to learn more about all the Journey bariatric supplements.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

2 thoughts on “Did you Guess? Dark Circles, Ice Chewing, Fatigue

    • Susan Maria Leach says:

      Oh my… I am SO sorry you have had such a difficult time. I hope you are walking again and feeling stronger. I think that focusing on movement is critical for you… of course making sure you are NOT low in iron is important but in your case PLEASE have a Vitamin D test done with next labs as for those of us who have had fractures its often a D deficiency and NOT a calcium deficiency that does us in. Maybe replace the biotin and Rogain with our Hair Balance as I think its a better hair option.

      Please join our Support Group… there are many people there for you to talk with.

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