Inspire Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate Cake Protein Powder
Small Volume High Reward
Powders are the way to add high protein to your diet without the bulk and calories of other protein sources. This is what makes a protein drink ideal for a bariatric post op. When you have a stomach the size of an egg that holds just four ounces you have to think of ways to take in enough protein and the nutrients to run the processes of the body!

10 Ounces of Chicken in a 4 ounce bag
I have a circa 2001 RNY pouch and if I cannot eat 10 ounces of chicken in a day to take in even 70 grams of protein, I will lose my hair or if I have already lost my hair, it certainly won’t grow back. What are the odds I can eat 10 ounces of chicken? None, but I can create a base plan of an Inspire protein drink for breakfast, a mug of Inspire Tex Mex Chili or egg salad for lunch,  an Inspire protein drink mid afternoon and then 4 ounces of chicken and salad for supper to easily cruise in at a healthy and comfortable 88 grams of protein for this day. This is why protein drinks are called supplements. They add to what we are unable to consume.

Crowd out the bad choices
Protein drinks should be treated as a meal or small meal replacement in a Regain Diet plan. A meal can easily contain 1000 calories, even with a restrictive bariatric surgery. If you swap out that meal for a protein drink you create the same or even greater fullness of the meal but cap your calories at under 150. Protein drinks give us the low calorie high satiety we need to drop serious pounds.

Each serving of protein drink helps us crowd out foods that we know are not good choices. Crowd out that bagel. Crowd out the vending machine cookies or chips, the high calorie coffee drink. Crowd out the 1/2 a Subway sandwich. The best part is by adding the protein drinks you won’t be hungry. Hello Liquid Willpower!

Shake shake shake your booty!
Look for a 20 gram protein portion which is normally contained in a single scoop. If you combine one scoop of the protein powder with water or almond milk or even fat free milk in lieu of breakfast, midmorning/afternoon protein snack or lunch, you will lose weight and feel great, as it provides clean energy to burn throughout the day.  Skip high carb breakfasts like the bagels or muffins that many of us have returned to after years of post op life. Even small changes slim us.

Pre workout drink fuels fat burning
A protein drink before breaks down fat more efficiently and provides fuel for a workout. If you don’t eat before working out, you will not burn as much fat. Substitute a scoop of protein powder with half water and half almond milk for anything high carb or even a skipped meal and you’ve got a win-win: Fat is broken down faster, and you can still go the distance to create real and lasting results. You have to pair calorie restriction with an increased metabolism otherwise you will eventually hit a brick wall if you haven’t already done so.

Have a protein plan!
Have a clear purpose. If you are drinking a big ole smoothie and adding lots of fruit, regular milk, peanut butter, yogurt, pudding mix, bananas etc, you’re packing calories into the drink that can quickly add up and ultimately cause weight gain. If your intent is to lose weight, a protein drink will provide the same fullness of a meal for a fraction of the calories. There are lots of ‘internet recipes’ for blender shakes that include whole bananas, Oreo’s and heaping spoonfuls of peanut butter… eeekkkkkk! While they certainly taste good, a 450 calorie shake defeats our purpose of replacing the protein in food with a low calorie, low volume option. IF your protein is not tolerable without all the ‘stuff’ added in, choose a better protein.

Clean and Pure
We create all our products from the position of knowing what it’s like to live with a bariatric pouch! Inspire protein powder has been created for the bariatric pouch by someone who has a bariatric pouch and it tastes better than anything you have tried because it has a clean pure base of Whey Protein Isolate. Other brands use less pure protein Concentrate or Blends where flavorings are are used to cover up the bad smell and funky taste of their cheap protein source. Fact.

Inspire is a small protein drink made to blend in a glass with a spoon! *Think Chocolate Milk!* Fullness is not created by solely by thickness or volume of a shake. Satiety is the feeling of fullness that is created by the amount of time and work it takes body to digest the protein.

Another benefit of using products made by those also use them is that we choose to use USA sourced non-GMO protein and test for heavy metals. It’s good stuff that tastes great!

Create a protein plan and stick to it. Its the fuel we can use as a tool with our pouch tool to get slimmer and stay slimmer.



37 thoughts on “Why Protein Powder Works

  1. Phyllis Williams says:

    Susan Maria, I appreciate your articles so much. I just got approved by my insurance carrier, and I will be seeing my surgeon to set the appointment soon. I’m trying to have a full understanding of what I’m getting into here, but there is just such an overwhelming amount of information out there that it’s hard to digest. (no pun intended!) Even my nutritionist has suggested that I put stuff into my protein drinks (not right after surgery, of course), but that always seems questionable to me even though I didn’t understand why. This article made it clear why that might not be a good idea. Thank you for giving the facts, and only the facts. It really helps.

    • Susan Maria Leach says:

      Phyllis, almost all people assume they have to put stuff in protein drinks, because we’ve HAD to do it. People even do it with Inspire and I tell them NOOOOOOOO, try it without fixing it up. It doesnt NEED fixing up. Its that good. I am happy you have been approved! Its very exciting. There is a lot to read for you… you may want to join our Online Support Group at Ciao, Susan

  2. Judy Nicholas says:

    I know protein powder works.  I also believe that you have the best tasting.  My surgery was 1989.  I am sure my pouch has stretched over the years.  I have gained 20 pounds and am sick about it.  My problem is that when I drink the protein shakes, the feeling of satiety doesn’t last very long and soon I am hungry again.  Any huge suggestions?  

    • Susan Maria Leach says:

      Judy, the reason you state is why our Back on Track diet has FIVE protein drinks a day PLUS one grilled chicken beef fish meal plus salad and vegetables at night… you will NOT feel hungry if you follow it. Your pouch has NOT stretched unless you really worked obsessively hard at it. Put faith and trust in your pouch and when you feed it the right foods, you have your tool back again! – Susan

  3. kathleen jones says:

     could you send me a sample of your product.  I just had  bariatric surgery in January, looking for nutritious  shakes to help burn fat and make me feel satisfied.  

    • Susan Maria Leach says:

      Kathleen, we do not have samples, BUT go out on a limb and try ONE flavor. I highly recommend Peanut Butter Cup as when you OPEN the bag, the wonderful aroma of PEANUT BUTTER CUPS grabs you. Its a wonderful surprise after smelling other brands… lol. Once you try one, you’ll be comfortable and try the others. There is not a bad flavor in the whole bunch. – Susan

  4. Amy Moxley says:


    Can you send me info on your Back on Track diet. I have gone through a lot of sickness these past 2 months, gotten lazy (I’m not going to lie) and since the holidays have put on an UNWANTED 10lbs. I need to get back on track badly. I need something in my face to look at everyday to stay on track.


  5. Jane Smith says:

    I am more of a fruity type of protein drinker. I use the Syntrax brand. But I did buy your Inspire ” no flavor” protein powder recently and have been adding it to my foods to get more protein in. I find the more protein I consume then I am not apt to snack before my next meal. I have been drinking the Syntrax Nectar protein since 2005- Twisted Cherry and Fuzzy Navel are my favorites. When I know someone at work who is going to have the bariatric surgery I give them samples of my protein powders and bars so they can try them before buying something and then not liking it. Years ago, you offered a sample started kit that I bought from your web site and that was a big help to me.

  6. Deanna Moore says:

    I appreciate this article. Post 10 years and although I swore off weight gain it happened. The pre surgery weight us there. I promised myself I would start eating and drinking right tomorrow. I think I’ll start now. Tomorrow will come and go.  ❤ 

  7. Joann R mcguffie says:

    Can you send me the back on track dirt plan please. I’m not having a problem with weight gain yet. But can’t move the scale down either thank you

  8. Sandra Moreno says:

    Please send me info where I can purchase a sample pack I am a 2008 ryn nd I have gained 20 nd want to get to my weight that I was before I gained Tis 20 lbs 

    • Susan Maria Leach says:

      We don’t carry sample packs, but start off with one flavor and see what you think! Our whey protein isolate is so clean there is no funkiness or aftertaste because our flavors are not there to COVER UP anything. Flavorings are true. I HIGHLY recommend Peanut Butter Cup… when you open the bag it is bursting with the smell of peanut butter cups! – Susan

  9. Julia Weese says:

    If i buy the protein powder products, like 1 or 2 each paycheck, will they keep unopened for several months? I am going to build up my supply in prep for my surgery the end of June, this way I won’t have the extreme costs all at once. Thanks!

    • Susan Maria Leach says:

      Great question! Protein powders last for YEARS if they are unopened. Even opened, if sealed they last for many many months. You are smart to build up your arsenal. Plus it is smart to get healthy BEFORE surgery. Start taking vitamins now… so you are not deficient. Ciao, Susan

  10. Loyce Dennett says:

    I had surgery Feb 2015, I’m looking for a good tasting protein with a good amt of protein in one scoop, since I need a small amt of protein to really count.  Could you send me a sample?  If you could that would be great.  I don’t feel I’m getting enough protein right now.  Thanks for your help.

    • Susan Maria Leach says:

      We do not have samples BUT our formula is made for bariatric post ops who need protein to count. Plus it tastes great. NOTHING like other protein drinks. Small thin smooth drinks. I HIGHLY recommend Peanut Butter Cup… open the bag and Reeses crawls out! It is whey ISOLATE which is the good stuff. Go out on a limb and try it. Protein made by those who drink it! – Susan

  11. Suzanne Lopez says:

    Please email me the back on track diet. I was reading all comments and I also believe that the pouch work
    works if you put your mind ti it.

  12. Donna says:


    Will these product work good if you did not have surgery? I like the low carb and no sugar content. I have over 100 pounds to loose so I was curious if they would keep us full without the surgery.

    Thank you,


  13. Diane says:

    I need recipes for the protein powder especially the chocolate. Also I can easily blend the unflavored and the Razz( I LOVE the razz) but the chocolate does not blend for me. I want something more than just drinking the powders. And I want to try other flavors but want more options any suggestions?

  14. Sherri B says:

    I would love to buy Inspire but my biggest concern of all are the “artificial ingredients” as well as sweetening with sucralose. I’m reading so many things about that particular ingredient and wish there was some way you guys could start using Stevia instead. Then, I’d be sold! Everyone seems to really enjoy your products.

    • Susan Maria Leach says:

      Oh Sherri, we can tell you are NEW to all of this. More than HALF of all people have a GENETIC predisposition to Stevia tasting horrible and bitter. If you LIKE Stevia, you belong to the half that cant taste that degree of bitterness. I personally belong to the OTHER half for whom Stevia is HORRIBLE. Splenda tastes good to most people and seriously, I know many who died from MORBID OBESITY, dont know anyone who died from Splenda. If you personally choose to go chemical and preservative and artificial free… THATS GREAT FOR YOU and I applaud you. Most people use Splenda. Honey, raw sugar, brown sugar, agave, maple syrup are all still SUGAR, so in order to be healthy and on plan after obesity surgery, you will need to consume your foods completely UNSWEETENED or you could add Stevia since you dont taste the bitterness. As a company, we are introducing a Stevia sweetened Plant Based Protein line in July 2016, but it will never replace our Splenda line as its too popular. – SML

  15. Barbara says:

    Why do the protein drinks say not to use for weight loss and other, particularly soy protein drinks, say for weight loss?

    • Susan Maria Leach says:

      Barbara, when a company says NOT FOR WEIGHT LOSS on a weight loss product it means they have a legal department that makes them put those words on the label. I have a bottle of Lysol spray in my hand right now that says, DO NOT USE INTERNALLY. – SML

  16. says:

    How can I build my b-12 level back up I’m week in the legs I know because I was really bad for years not taking it I have a lot of leg cramps my surgery was in 2005 and I did not take my vitamins like I should have. I was 298before rouge n y and got Down to 145 and my husband was sick and passed away almost 4 years ago and I have gained back up to 191 since he passed away

    • Susan Maria Leach says:

      You build B-12 back up by taking GOOD multivitamins. We cant break down meats into small enough particles to extract the b-12 and other vitamins and minerals so we need supplements. Take our Journey 3+3 vitamins, they are an all in one bottle solution that tastes great.

  17. Favie says:

    This is a question not necessarily realater to this article, but it is food does n don’t related. I had my surgery 5 years ago, I have nit gained weight maintain at 122, however I am very concerned as I read of people who have been post op 14 years and suddenly gain 50 pounds, so if our pouch doesn’t stretch how can they eat enough food to gain that weight?

  18. Sarah says:

    If my mom had Gastric bypass surgery and is trying to get back on track but I did not have any surgery can I take the shakes with her? Is this program only for someone that has a pouch or can I still follow the shakes and a balanced diet also?

    • Alison Garcia says:

      Hi Sarah, absolutely you can! We have several spouses, family, and friends following our plan, and drinking Inspire, and are having tremendous results. How wonderful that you are offering your support to your mom, that’s a beautiful thing. Enjoy!! -Alison

  19. Kelly L says:

    My nutritionist insist I use a protein supplement that contains at least 30% of the recommended daily amounts of vitamins and minerals. I don’t think Inspire meets her requirements (but I want to use Inspire anyways). If I drink Inspire 2-3 times a day (blended with fat free Fairlife milk), and take a multi, additional D3, B12 injections, Biotin, Magnesium, and drink the tangerine calcium you sell, am I getting enough vitamins? My surgery is Dec 26th. I do not want to lose my hair, although I know it is inevitable. Can you give me some suggestions for what to say to my nutritionist to sell her on Inspire?

    • Susan Maria Leach says:

      Lose weight and stay healthy… if you are an adult, you dont need to sell anyone on Inspire, just be successful! Your nutritionist obviously does not drink protein shakes as those that contain vitamins and minerals are poor quality as supplements and they make the drink taste awful. USE A SEPARATE vitamin like our Journey 3+3 and dont worry about having vitamins in your protein drinks!

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