The #1 Reason We Give Up on Weight Loss?

What do you believe would be the number one reason that women give up on weigh loss plans?

Not seeing results soon enough! 

A study from the University of Florida found that people on plans that gave them a speedy initial drop were 5 times more likely to be lighter 18 months later than those who didn’t accelerate weight loss. Choosing a plan that gives us a fast five or ten pound drop drives us to continue.

Right this very second… think about how you’d feel if your jeans were loose. You’d smile and feel WONDERFUL about it. You can make that feeling real. Our Back on Track plan is the quickest way to lose weight. I am not just telling you this – I have been doing it myself for 6 months and have lost 45 pounds. You know how that feels from the first time you did it right after surgery. It feels just as good this time!

Why is this so hard? It’s hard because we don’t want to do it. If you did not remove the carbs from your kitchen, do it now! You can’t eat bread if you don’t buy bread. You can’t eat Dorito’s if you don’t buy Dorito’s. If you don’t feed your kids french fries, you won’t eat the ones they leave on their plates. PERIOD. Carbs create hunger and protein creates the lasting fullness you need to stay on track. My mind is blown by post ops who whine about weight gain but eat baked freakin potatoes and bread. Stop it. (unless you are happy exactly where you are and in that case, eat up!)

5 PROTEIN DRINKS plus ONE HEALTHY EVENING MEAL. It does not get easier.
It’s 6am, you’re sipping coffee and half asleep. Pour Inspire Pumpkin Pie into your coffee.
LUNCH. Inspire Vanilla.
It’s 2pm and you want ‘something’. Drink an Inspire Peanut Butter Cup.
It’s 4pm and you’re standing in break room staring at the box of Dunkin Valentine’s Donuts. Drink an Inspire Peanut Butter Cookie.
It’s 6:30pm – slap chicken cutlet on hot grill pan, slice 1/4 cucumber, cut 4 grape tomatoes, grind pepper, sprinkle salt, drizzle olive oil, splash red wine vinegar, chicken on plate, salad on top. 4 Minutes. Done. Yum.
Watching Jimmy Fallon and can’t keep out of the kitchen? Drink an Inspire Peanut Butter Cup.

YOU MUST MOVE TO RAISE YOUR METABOLISM SO IT WILL BURN YOUR STORED FAT. Here is another Low Impact BJ Gaddour video. FIVE MINUTES to double your weight loss. Done. I will make a deal with you. Watch this 3 days a week and DONT do the workout along with BJ. I bet you still lose more weight as by the 2nd watch, you will be working out while staring at the screen. HIS ENTHUSIASM IS INFECTIOUS. In a good way!

On a Mobile Device? CLICK FOR VIDEO

Follow this BE Back on Track Plan for TWO WEEKS and I promise that your frown will turn upside down! Weight loss is NOT going to happen for you on its own. You have to make up your mind to do it. Come on. The only way you fail is by doing NOTHING. Join us!

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27 thoughts on “Back on Track. Why Do we Give Up?

  1. Diane Carter says:

    Thank you for the excellent emails you send – they are great motivators and so on point.  I too, have lost 30 lbs. (I’m lower than my post surgery weight) by getting rid of the carbs.  You INSPIRE me.  Thanks again

    • Susan Maria Leach says:

      Thank you… 30 pounds is a LOT and I am happy for you. It is so much easier to be happy once the weight is lifted from around the neck. Literally and figuratively!!! Stories like yours inspire ME. – Susan

  2. Tammi Goff says:

    I’m a little over 4 years out and have experienced some regain.  Between extreme stress at work, injuries/surgery, and having a relative who failed her surgery, as well as her father, say that I would fail, as well, I allowed that myself to fall back into old habits & have an “I give up” mentality.  Your “Back on Track” articles have been both a “snap out of it” wake-up call and a blessing for me. Since I started following your plan & cleaned out the pantry, I’ve lost 6 lbs!  Getting the exercise thing going again & sticking to it has been a bit rough, but walking & the short HIIT workouts have really helped.  Thank you so much, Susan!

    • Susan Maria Leach says:

      Tammi! Six Pounds is FANTASTIC. I am very proud of you. It is VERY HARD to do, but much easier than without the surgery and certainly easier than allowing a jerk professing that you will fail to WIN. We have to swap positive for negative thinking and get that we are the only ones who can effect change. NO ONE WILL DO THIS FOR US… we have to dig in and make it happen. The HIITs are amazing. I still have to force myself to do them, but once I start, it makes me happy to finish. I have SO much more energy and even when I have a day or two that are not perfect, I still lose a little weight from the afterburner of my raising my metabolism. Thank you for telling me of your success Tammi!!!! – Susan

    • Susan Maria Leach says:

      Candy… it helps to be positive. It is easy to get down but we have to look past the small bumps and know we can do it. We really need to live differently. We either naturally had or developed a fat persons mindset… I fell into a hole and was thinking fat but caught myself and got my attitude back. Now I look at the calories on a menu and ‘DONT WANT TO EAT THAT!’

    • Susan Maria Leach says:

      LeeAn! We only fail if when we fall we stay down and stop trying. This is LIFE… we need to get up, dust ourselves off and keep going! The battle never ends… we just keep moving along no matter what. I know you can do it, just walk right next to me bella!!! – Susan

  3. Debbie Jones says:

    Thanks for your input and uplifting stories. I to have fallen off the wagon since Nov. and can’t seem to get back on, but just a vacation in two week so that is helping motivate me. I have put on 10 lbs. since Nov.  Yes, it is so true that if you let those dang carbs back in they get you every time. Need to exercise which I hate to do but my husband has retired now so he’s really been getting into it so lI need to get myself out there with him. I have a health condition which limits me from bending or picking up anything over 10 lbs so walking , swimming and bike ridding would be my choice. No excuses there! 
    Thanks again for the encouragement for you and all the others out their who have the same issues. We can do this together…..
    God Bless.

  4. Marcia says:

    I developed hypoglycemia after surgery s I did not have diabetes!. I don’t have too much trouble keeping on track because I will pay for it when my blood sugar drops.

  5. Lisa Schriner says:

    I understand the different too many carbs can make – but whenever I cut them down to 50 or less I get so tired. How do I get around that  ?  I have been stalled out for months, and want to loose more before I stop.  

    I started the carb cycling and has helped some, but still struggling ….. 

  6. Carol Anderson says:

    I really needed this kick in the pants! Simplifying things makes sense and will keep me on track! No excuses, just results! 

  7. Karon Ellington says:

    I’m 2yrs post surgery and I’m sure I’m vitamin deficient,  how do I get back on track. I need a multivitamin and protein / calcium.  I don’t know which to buy and if I take them all at the same time or a few hours apart.  Plzz  help….

    • Susan Maria Leach says:

      Karon… don’t worry. It is very hard to do all the things they have told us to do. That is why we developed an ALL IN ONE bariatric vitamin. Start off with JUST the Journey Multiformula that is all you need to worry about for now. I am 14 years post op and have NO trouble with Capsules. You don’t have to worry about spacing them apart… you take 3 in the AM and 3 in the PM… easy. As for protein… choose whatever flavor of Inspire protein powder appeals to you. I LOVE VANILLA but I drink all of them. Peanut Butter Cup is pretty amazing Pumpkin Pie is delicious. They all taste great with water BUT with fat free milk or almond milk they are AMAZING. Don’t worry… we are here to help you get back on the wagon! – Susan

  8. Deeda says:

    I just went in for a band adjustment (first time in 2 years) and am hyped to get this 20 lbs off!  I’ve had my band for 9 years now (lost 130 lbs) and have slipped back to eating carbs a lot. Now it’s back to moving and eating right and drinking that water!  I’ve ordered the travel packs of Inspire to see if I like it. Love the flavor choices! So here’s to all of us 65+ let’s get moving, we can do this!!

  9. Ginger says:

    i have not been able to have the surgery for one reason or the other, however, my question is…would it help me with losing weight as well?

  10. Marjie says:

    I’m 9 yrs post-op. I’ve too gained weight back. I was 340lbs, now at 220lbs, I really want to be under 200lbs again. I just received my peanut butter INSPIRE, really hoping with excerise this will help me reach that 20lb goal by May. Fingers crossed !!

  11. Lee Bostwick says:

    I had the sleeve done July 2012, I have been doing ok until lately seems like I have a hard time staying away from sweets. HELP!!!

    • Susan Maria Leach says:

      Make a bowl of sugar free Jello Strawberry and add a half pint of fresh raspberries or blackberries. I can run into the kitchen during a commercial and do the speed set method. 1 cup hot water. Add powder envelope. Dissolve. Add 2 cups ice. Stir until thick like egg whites. Add the berries. Pop into fridge. During the next commercial, its ready to eat and so delicious with a squirt of Land O Lakes Sugar Free Whipped Cream. So my point is don’t AVOID sweets, just find some that don’t hurt you. A half cup of the Jello I just described, is about 30 calories. – Susan

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