Why am I overweight? Pre bariatric surgery contemplation.

Pretty simple question. Lot’s of similar answers. We’ve all been there but to move forward we need to get real. Why are you overweight?

1. I got off track. 2. I just don’t have time. 3. Healthy food is too expensive. 4. I sit all day at my desk. 5. Our kids keep me busy with their activities and we have to eat fast food. 6. I hate to sweat. 7. I have a slow metabolism. 8. My kids are picky eaters. 9. I have thyroid disease. 10. I don’t have the money to join a gym. 11. My knees are bad. 12. I have to keep snacks in the house for my family and can’t resist. 13. My business requires I eat out a lot. 14. Too much stress right now. 15. My husband isn’t supportive.

If I had $1 for every MO with a bum thyroid
These are NOT the reasons we are overweight! These are the excuses we give as to why we are overweight. We are looking to take the pressure off ourselves and lay blame elsewhere. I don’t want to deal with it. IT’S. NOT. MY. FAULT.

One day it hit me that while the excuses were very real to me, none were the Real Reason that I had been MO in the first place and they also weren’t the reason I gained weight all these years after my surgery. They were the bla bla bla excuses I would try to fly by anyone who would listen so I didn’t have to own it or think about the underlying emotions. I am very certain people rolled their eyes when I’d tell them about my ‘bad’ thyroid as I ordered sweet potato fries with my half pound bacon blue cheese burger!

No REALLY, why are you eating?
To solve the problem, dig in and think about the real feelings and the reaction that was or is responsible for the weight gain. I didn’t gain weight because my husband liked ice cream and I couldn’t resist. I didn’t gain weight because of menopause. I didn’t gain weight because I had a terrible metabolism.

Deep down under all the layers was the real reason – that something that was prodding me towards the self destructive behavior. There it was: a business consultant hired to ‘help’, instead maneuvered me by creating goals without clear end points and every month he’d pull the rug out from under me. I would stay up practically all night worrying; eating sugar free ice cream, protein bars, deli turkey rolled with mayo, nuts, cereal with almond milk and anything I could find that made me feel better for the moment. I gained fifty pounds in eight months! Even now, it hurts me to even think about it.

You have to save yourself
I was reacting to a situation in a way that was killing my health and taking back weight I worked hard to lose. There is nothing that can make you feel quite as vulnerable as admitting personal weakness. Once you realize that something has to change, the reality that you and only you can change it is frightening.

What if I can’t?
We always can. There is one direction to move in life. Forward. We can’t just quit and sit in the middle of the road – someone will run over us. Facing my fears and acknowledging what about my life needed to change for me to stop feeding the weight problem I had already tackled once, ultimately set me free.

What now Mr. Peabody?
First, I had to close the 2am buffet in my kitchen. I grabbed a trash bag and cleaned all the carbs out of my house. I got rid of the Breyer’s No Sugar Added Ice Cream, 6 kinds of sugar free cookies, the crackers, the 7 different varieties of sliced cheese in the fridge. I stopped buying Boars Head turkey and ham by the pound. I faced the truth that I was not buying rye bread, Cape Cod Chips and Cheez-its for my husband, he eats what I feed him! If I didn’t put a big handful of chips on the plate with his soup and sandwich, he wouldn’t know the difference. In fact, I stopped making canned soup and sandwiches and instead made a shopping list for ‘fresh food’. I have always cooked but stopped when I didn’t want to get dressed to leave the house. I was in terrible depressed funk and hated seeing myself in a reflection.

Lose weight, Gain life
Losing weight isn’t just about how we look or even how we feel. It is about the desire to take control and improve everything about ourselves. We all want to live a better life, the one we deserve! I hit that turning point and dug in to create a plan for how to to get Back on Track while I was still in the hole I had fallen into. I lost 58 pounds and found the courage and strength to handle the real issue in my life. Things are so much better and I have found my passion again! Losing weight lifts so much more than pounds from your shoulders.

Break the Cycle
Losing enough weight for you to notice allows you to hold your head up high enough to work on why we are running to the fridge in the first place!

Remove the choices, get some of this weight off your mind and start feeling good about yourself again. When we are positive and happy we can tackle anything in life. When we have gained weight we feel terrible, we are ashamed and in that state it is easy to let life’s problems pile up.

1. PLAN – our Inspire diet Back on Track plan works and there is nothing that can’t be more easily changed in life when we are happier about ourselves and we are feeling as if we accomplished something.

2. MOVE – Working out gives you energy & fuels weight loss. It releases the same endorphins as food. Working out will make you feel happy and the sense of accomplishment is good for you! Get a jump rope and move.

3. SMILE – You can handle anything with positive motion and ‘fake it ’til you make it’ is not just a saying. Being positive is a choice. Don’t be the person who puts down every idea or spits on the joy of a friend. We all know people like this and when we are unhappy we can unknowingly turn into one.


21 thoughts on “Why am I Overweight?

  1. Jim North says:

    Thanks for the tough love.! This jibes with my own experience in the past six months. I have gone on a whole foods, plant based eating plan (mostly “forks over knives” Style eating) and have dropped about 40 pounds. I after 18 months of weight regain and up to 286 from my low point post surgery of 252.5, I am happy to be at 247 lbs and heading on down… Slow and steady. In other words, I am confirming everything you wrote above, with the exception that I get a lot of carbs on my mostly vegan diet.  

  2. Karen Clark says:

    When I don’t eat I have abdominal pains when I do eat I have diarrhea. I do not know what to do i am still gaining weight and my gastroenterologist can’t  help me.

  3. LeeAn Williams says:

    Need to lose weight I have gained back as a result of being lazy about my exercise time and making a meal plan. This article gives me hope that since I did it once, I can do it again. 

  4. Becky Land Poll says:

    Want to stay updated as I too have gained some weight and cannot seem to get it off. Please, please keep Believe Italian Cappuccino in stock.
    I have been using for years and depend on being able to get the product.

  5. Julie Medlin says:

    I had gastric bypass ten years ago. I have done excellent keeping the weight off but I also need reminders of how I am supposed to be eating as I am a junk food addict. This is a great tool!

  6. Elizabeth Boone says:

    Thank you for this blog. I hit the magic 197 after surgery for the first time in 25 years. After that the ‘push’ to continue logging food and working out was gone. I have gained 10lbs and I REFUSE to go any higher. Just this past weekend I decided that a major change had to happen so I started logging my food and walking at least a mile six times a week.
    I needed this blog entry as part of my wake up call. I had forgotten something my surgeon told me: “You have been living to eat NOW you need to eat to live.”

  7. Bonnie Hamblin says:

    i cannot drink the protein I throw up as soon as it hits  my stomach. is there anything else. I’ll try anything

  8. Kristen Kehrer says:

    Thank you for these points you have given.  I currently am in between surgeries and have gained weight.  I had my surgery in 2009 and did well, lost actually more weight than I wanted.  Gained some back & was more comfortable.  I had back surgery almost 2 months ago  & can not do anything at all, just resting.   The pain hasn’t subsided and I find myself eating all the time because I’m bored.  And I’ve quit smoking, which is good but hasn’t helped with the eating.   Looking forward to when I can start walking for exercise to keep me busy and walk the urges off when I want to eat.  
    My next surgery is to get my lapband removed and the sleeve put in place.  I had a lot of problems with the lapband and am looking forward to this replacement.  I have heard many good things about the sleeve.   Once these surgeries are over I hope I’m set for a while

  9. Barbara S. McKaskle says:

    I had a gatrist bypass. In 2002. I went down from 295 to 147. I kept it off till I got married in 2008.I gradually put my weight on till I have reached 207 lbs. i am so uncomfortable.and not happy with my self.I have little excerise in my life.but that is not a excuse.what can i do to get back on track?

  10. jyl morgan says:

    Thank you for this positive page..im in my rut after bariatric surgery 8 years ago..3 years ago i gave birth to my last child , 2 years ago lost my das, a year ago lost my mom..one thing after another and i turned to food..:(  i need to remember when i didnt do this and was in control…

  11. Suzanne Masten says:

    These pep talks are the VERY BEST support tool!
    I appreciate each writer’s insight and honesty they share.
    It has taken me about six years to really believe I have to Understand my real triggers to be able to control and plan my eating habits and “style”.

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