I keep repeating that I am a total slug who rolls her eyes when people talk about 5k runs and even though I now work out, please understand that IT IS AGAINST MY WISHES.

I wish I could push a button and be a size 10 with no backfat, eat what I wanted and lay around in the evenings watching TV or goofing off on Facebook…  I wish… I wish… I wish… fat chance.

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The Truth of WLS

Most people who have weight loss surgery believe it will complete, automatic and forever. It. Is. Not.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!

This is a NO to LOW IMPACT cardio workout that you can do at home. Your FEET do not leave the floor. THIS IS A NO EXCUSE WORKOUT FOR BARIATRIC LEVEL ONE. Let’s hear the excuses now as to WHY you can’t do this? Think… think… think… think… think… there ARE none. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

This exercise will set the weight loss process on FIRE. This is something you must do to live. You will FEEL GREAT and BE PROUD after this little teeny tiny workout. I promise.

Watch the video at page bottom and learn how to do the jump. The key is in the HINGE at the hips rather than squatting with your thighs. Think about it while you figure it out.

Energy Reset

Movement makes you feel more ENERGETIC, improves your MOOD, boosts your CONFIDENCE, and makes you feel STRONG.

You get back MORE than you GIVE

Movement has an AFTERBURN EFFECT, raising your METABOLISM for HOURS after you you’ve stopped your motion. Working out is the gift that keeps on giving!

Where to start? How bout REALITY!

Let’s not have delusions that you are going to run a 5k in two months. It’s better to have realistic and sustainable goals. We are going to have a FIVE MINUTE work out on this first day. Everyone can do it. Everyone has time and your feet do not leave the floor.

1. Download this Free Timer App Now Click here

The easiest, coolest, and most FREE app for both Apple and Android is the the Tabata Stopwatch Pro.

You can program your segments as follows: Get Ready/10 seconds, Warm-Up/2 minutes, Exercise/15 seconds, Rest/45 seconds. Number of Sets/5. I have mine on my iPad. It is slick.

Tabata Stopwatch Pro Exercise

Tabata Stopwatch Pro for bariatric workout

2. LEARN GROUND ZERO JUMPS CLICK if you can't see video

Click here if you have trouble viewing the video

Then, using your timer…

  1. Warm up by slowly marching in place for 2 minutes
  2. 15 Seconds GROUND ZERO JUMPS
  3. 45 Seconds REST RECOVERY, to get your heart rate back down
  4. Repeat four more time.

The Ground Zero Jump is an INSANE Fat Burner. Learn the move and do your Tabata for Five Minutes as you have programmed on your Tabata Stopwatch Pro.


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20 thoughts on “WORKOUT VIDEO 1 – Ground Zero Jumps, LOW Impact

  1. Amanda Culkin says:

    I had Bariatric surgery 6 moths ago. Weight loss has been slow. I need a good low impact exercise routine. I have arthritic knees.

  2. Tonya Wells says:

    I had surgery on April 8th and while I am doing ok, I am struggling to figure out what to eat.  At two weeks out, I am supposed to be on “mechanically soft/mechanically altered” food, according to the information given to me when I left the hospital. What can I eat? Please help. Thanks!

  3. Shana W says:

    I had gastric bypass 7 years ago and was thrilled to reach my goal weight within a year (a loss of 150 lbs). Fast forward and I am up 45 lbs, have a closet full of clothes in 3 different sizes that I can’t wear and have been feeling embarrassed, ashamed and out of control. I never really incorporated regular exercise, as I too am an exercise hating slug! I just tried the ground zero jump workout and it is a great start for me. What I love about it is I don’t have to change into workout clothes or shoes or even put on a bra for that matter! I can do it anytime, or several times a day. Thank you for this website!!

  4. Beverly says:

    Could you tell me if I’m doing the BOT right? We do four shakes and the dinner from this site right. And on the video do we just save them and replay to follow? I don’t have unlimited data. And I made the pizza for dinner I could only eat one piece is that ok.

  5. Jessica says:

    I just feel like crying! I promised myself I would not gain the weight back and I would stay on track….slowly I wondered off track and gained about 40 pounds…. I knew I was gaining but didn’t think it was that much. Now I’m even more depressed about it. Seeing the BOT plan I am excited again! I can’t wait to try it… Thank so much!!

  6. Dawn Brandt says:

    I’m 2 years out I’ve lost 111 pounds but I can’t seem to lose any more weight I have 25 more pounds to go any suggestions thanks.

  7. JESST2716 says:

    Is there a specific meal plan in addition to the 4-5 protein shakes? I had lapband surgery in 2010,& it worked for a while but it slipped & I was vomitting all the time (losing weight & getting no nutrients) ended up with a hiatal hernia, which I thought was repaired & the band needed to be removed @the risk of my stomach rupturing. Also I was unable to get pregnant with my second son due to not getting nutrients. After the band was removed I was able to get pregnant, and of course gained weight ? I have thought about doing a different bariatric surgery, but with another large hiatal hernia surgery I am worried about complications…. Help

  8. Becky Robertson says:

    I had the gastric in 2004. I’ve had no problem keeping my weight off. My protein does stay low and white count. My daughter just had the gastric and told me about this site. I’m excited to have support and new foods to try. Thanks for this group.

  9. Victoria Van Dalsen says:

    I’m 2 years out from my sleeve. I lost 50 lbs but never lost the last 10 lbs to reach my goal weight. I’ve gotten lazy and stopped using My Fitness Pal. I got on the scales this morning to find that I’ve gained almost 8 lbs. I want to nip this in the bud before 8 lbs turns into 18 lbs and then turns into 28 lbs and so on. I got rid of all my larger sized clothes and I don’t want to have to buy new, bigger clothes.

  10. Linda Doremus says:

    Reading through all the information you offer. I had RNY in 2007. Had been maintaining just fine. About 6 months ago that came to a stop. I’m now continuing to pack on the pounds. I feel like such a failure. Trying not to make excuses but I feel like so many directions I’m being pulled . I have to get back on track. I need to do this for ME. I am so encouraged by all the wonderful stories and help that you offer.

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