SHOULD sugar touch our lips after bariatric surgery? 

The Royal Eggs
I know folks who go insane over Cadbury Creme Eggs. The very thought of eating one makes me feel sick. I do believe I would nearly die if I ate one as its been more than fourteen years without real candy. I like keeping the threat of dumping syndrome intact as it definitely helps me. The truth is that I don’t know if I would get sick but I assume I would get deathly ill and that is a strong enough deterrent for me and many of the RNY post ops that I know.

If I didn’t have potential for getting whacked hard by physical illness, why wouldn’t I go back to eating in the manner that got me here in the first place? If sugar didn’t make me sick, what would stop me?

Honey is all natural. So. Is. Arsenic.
I am a little baffled by people who think they are lucky that they don’t get sick when they consume sugar. I have no idea how people with a VSG – Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy – manage to lose weight with only volume restriction. Not judging, only talking out loud. I learned the hard way a couple of years ago that if one goes back to eating even some of the same foods that allowed me to qualify for surgery in the first place, I would have again qualified in under a year.
We have a new Facebook BariatricEating Support Group and have already noticed a disturbing trend of folks with Sleeves using honey and sugar in desserts and coffee ‘because they don’t want to use artificial sweetener’. It is as if they are on a soapbox proudly touting it. “Oh, I don’t use artificial sweeteners.”

So you drink your coffee black?  “Oh Nooooo, I use Sugar in the Raw, it’s natural!” Hmmm… all sugar is natural. Do they not know this? Sugar comes from a plant. It also has a lot of calories. It’s what made us fat! They are not avoiding a very high calorie food group by using the ‘All Natural’ excuse. They are in for a world of hurt.

What I know to be true
If you go to Dunkin and order an extra Large Dunkaccino,  guess what will happen?

I. Promise. That. You. Will. DRINK. It. This stuff is not coffee. It’s made with a processed food powder and contains 540 calories and 58 (yes that is FIFTY EIGHT) grams of SUGAR. When we question the thought process for this food decision… they say ‘I HAVE A SLEEVE!’

What the heck does that mean? That the sugar and calories don’t count? That it’s okay to drink it? It really doesn’t matter which bariatric surgery you’ve had, if you were morbidly obese and had little control over things like Dunkaccino’s you might want to rethink that genius strategy as a post op. Two year sleeve post ops who have stopped losing at fifty pounds above goal using sugar because its natural is CRAZY.

Don’t go where the danger lives.
I have avoided the Witch in the Gingerbread house for many years now by staying out of the woods. Of course it is a Choice as I always give myself Permission, but choose not to go there. We all know what is good and what is bad. Be true to yourself and keep the control in your hands rather than looking for reasons to eat foods you really don’t want to eat.

No one prefers to use Splenda or other artificial sweeteners, but they are also NON-CALORIC… NO CALORIES. It isn’t a good idea to take in hundreds of calories via sugar. Either go completely without sweeteners or use Splenda or Truvia. Otherwise you are eating around your sleeve, all natural or not sugar is the witch.

I got one less problem without you…
When in the grocery store you’d have to handle the after Easter half price sale bag of Foil Covered Chocolate Eggs at least five times from shelf to car. Rather than make excuses and feel guilty that you ate them, bargain with yourself to wander to the sugar free chocolate and talk yourself into popping a bag of sugar free Russell Stover Coconut Eggs into the cart. They are also on sale and you will be much happier with in the long run.

It. is. not. the. dog.
Ummm… and YES, I am completely aware that sugar alcohols in sugar free chocolate are explosive in nature. I don’t give it a thought while eating my first second or third tiny foil wrapped Coconut Egg. It does move forward in priority when I am eating the forth one and when I am holding the fifth one while looking at the time in which I have gobbled them up, it gives me a reality check. I actually weigh the pro’s and con’s of eating yet another versus how badly I do not wish to explode six hours later.

Yep, post op life is one grand negotiation but then again, that is life in general.

Just because you can, does not mean you should! Stay out of the sugar bowl. Sugar shouldn’t touch your lips!