We had dinner guests last night and my friend Wendy said that I needed to be more careful to not be as obnoxious about exercise SINCE I HAVE BEEN A SLUG FOR NEARLY THE ENTIRE FOURTEEN YEARS SHE HAS KNOWN ME. I said that I would take that into consideration but didn’t tell her I was writing about it today. I share these thoughts from a really good place. It’s like having some REALLY GOOD ICE CREAM and you keep pestering your friend that they need to taste the Ice Cream and they don’t want to and you keep telling them to try it and they finally do and. They. Love. It. Too. I love how my little 15 minute workouts make me feel. I can only be honest in saying that I didn’t ‘get it’ early on when it would have made a bigger difference, but I get it now. Try the ‘Ice Cream’ and it could change your life too!

Little Bitty 15 Minute Workouts Jump Started My LIFE!

I jumped off the wagon
After nine months of working out at least three days a week, I took a break to go on a trip and when I returned home, I did not get back into my routine. At first I thought it was okay taking a break and not being committed to hopping up on the elliptical or using my kettle bell or jump rope, but after the first week I could feel myself drop not only in energy but joy. I was losing my pep, starting to feel really tired, I felt sort of grumpy and couldn’t sleep until 2 am. In three weeks I unraveled and could not believe the different in how I felt. I was dropping like a rock.

Uptown Funk
I had jumped off the wagon and I could not get back on! Last week I stood in the kitchen and told Ty that I felt tired and almost sad. Hearing myself say it forced me to acknowledge it was real and I decided to walk right over to the workout room. I hopped on the elliptical machine, plugged into some new music and after just 15 minutes of (say this in a British voice) HIGH INTENSITY EXERCISE / LOW INTENSITY EXERCISE I felt inexplicably happy and almost giddy. It was hard to believe there could be such instant difference in my attitude and energy.

Because I’m happy
Exercise improves your mood by causing endorphins to kick in. These are the natural ‘feel good’ neurotransmitters that start to exert their effects after about 15 minutes of movement. With your body functioning more efficiently, you’ve got more oxygen to fuel your body’s cells. You will feel fewer aches and pains and have greater strength. You will feel less fatigued, stressed, and weary. Plus all this movement improves your sex life. You feel more fit, you are more fit and when you feel good about yourself you cant help but feel more sexual. Roar!

Let’s cut to the chase
The real reason reason to work out? We are NOT here just for the camaraderie and recipes, we want to lose a lot of weight and we want to do it faster. Listen up… if you had your choice to be on the regular slow and steady weight loss plan or the superfast turbo charged fast weight loss plan and the only difference was that with the super fast plan you had to stand up and jump rope like Floyd Mayweather for 15 minutes a day, three days a week, which plan would you choose? I thought so. So what’s stopping you?

Jump rope

Click to change
Feeling great about who you are right now, does not mean you do not recognize the need for change. Take it one moment at a time and you will be slipping on slimmer jeans in a week to ten days! One. Moment. At. A. Time. but you do have to begin!

This plan to maximize weight loss after bariatric surgery is proven to work for either first time or regain. I have lost over fifty three pounds that ‘I found’ after all these years, but more importantly I redirected my life. I am talking ‘tough love’ because I am the person who put away her skinny jeans that no longer fit and ignored the problem until I had to do something. I was the one in danger of failing. Now hundreds of post ops are Back on Track because we have a plan that works, but you have a choice as to whether or not to do the Regular Plan or the SUPED UP TURBO CHARGED PLAN TO LOSE WEIGHT FASTER!

If you have had Bariatric Surgery, here’s your opportunity to get the help you need, rededicate yourself and follow a plan that works. Would being 20 pounds lighter as you read these words help you feel more positive, more confident, healthier, happier? If the answer is yes, here is your call to action.  No kidding. Let’s move.

Click for BOT… Back on Track!

Bariatric Eating Back on Track plan BOT

15 thoughts on “Little Bitty 15 Minute Workouts Jump Started My LIFE!

  1. Tina says:

    I want this to work. I’ve tried other diets and exercise programs after I regained 45 lbs of my initial 75 lb loss. Nothing worked. The most I lost was 3 lbs and I don’t think that was actual loss but normal weight fluctuation.

  2. JANE says:

    Hi! I am 10 yrs. out and have gained 40 lbs!!! Can’t seem to get motivated to lose again. Want to thank you for all you do and your website-it helps soooo much. Love the products and keep it up!!


  3. Patti Latham says:

    Great 9 years after bariactric surgery. Then kidney cancer and lose of a beloved pet. Gained 35 pounds. Felt sad and no energy. Saw your article Susan and felt inspired again. Now I am on it and am grateful for your input.

  4. Marilyn bray says:

    After a rough winter with a broken rib, then ankle surgery, then a broken shoulder after falling on the ice….i totally got off track. Old habits creeping back in. Need a jump start back to feeling better!

  5. Mariah bowman says:

    I need help.  Nine years out and I’ve
    Regained about 30 lbs.  I had total right hip replaced in December.  Trying to get motivated to try this plan.  

  6. Anita Donelson says:

    I started and you do feel great and feel better about yourself. I’m so happy i found this Group i needed the help.

  7. Kim Campbell says:

    Thanks for all your info. I had RNY about 8 weeks ago and am finding it hard to change my eating habit. Your input has really helped.

  8. Jacqueline Burkes says:

    I’ve been reading your website and have signed up to be a part o your facebook page, but it’s pending. I am 6 years and 7 months out from having the gastric by-pass surgery. My weight loss has always been slow but since then I have gained 20 lbs out of the original 96 lbs. Thanks for all that you do. I have also purchased your book before and after.

  9. Vicki Bounds says:

    Hi, I’m just getting bot….gained back 40 pounds after knee replacement and revision, fell a couple of times, bout with phenumonia and fell again and bruised ribs.  Got on my pity pot and sat around and back to old eating habits.  I can’t believe how much food I can pack away..I’m disgusted with myself and need to get bot.  On SSI and everything’s so expensive, I know another excuse…..how do you get motivated and forgive yourself and get started again?

  10. christine says:

    after my gastric sleeve surgery in sept of 2014 I lost about 75 pounds. then in feb. of 2015 I stopped losing. no reason. hit a stall….and that went on for months! finally I started to eat the foods I had given up…I am up 8 pounds. I started to panic so I went to see anutritionist
    today and she has me back on track!!! I just have to realize that I cant eat like I used to…period. and I have to move more. that’s it in a nutshell.

  11. Tanya says:

    I am gearing up for surgery? I have not decided at this point which is best, bypass or sleeve? Dr recommend bypass but wants me to decide. My goal is to lose 160-170 pds. The most important issue that I am dealing with is Dumping Syndrome:( I don’t have a gall bladder and with some foods I have to run!!! to the restroom. Is this the same as dumping syndrome?

    • Sue says:

      Prior to my surgery I had the same problem! No gallbladder and almost no control. Since surgery I have not had a problem! I’m not constipated but a trip to the bathroom is no longer a possible emergency! This is not the same as dumping. The bypass worked for me. I’m almost three months out and my only problem has been eating to fast and ending up feeling like I have massive heartburn. I’m still learning…

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