The trouble with Eggs… 
Many bariatric Post ops have a love hate texture issue with eggs. How you choose to cook them can mean the difference between a great protein breakfast and having to regurgitate them into a napkin and rest for an hour. I had RNY bariatric surgery way back in 2001 and I still have issues with eggs on occasion, but I have noticed that patterns have emerged as to how I have cooked them.

The pebbly texture of scrambled eggs causes a gag reflex as soon as the bite hits the tongue. Salt crystals on eggs cause a gag when they hit the tongue. Overcooked or hard ‘boiled’ eggs, usually the rubbery green ring kind, often sit in the pouch for hours and eventually come back up in a regurgitation.

What kinds of eggs DO work and can be enjoyed? 
Deviled Eggs as long as the eggs are not the overcooked ‘green ring’ version
Poached to a medium well doneness
Hard cooked as opposed to hard boiled

How to Make Perfect Tender Hard Cooked Eggs without a Green Ring
Place 6 large eggs in a medium heavy saucepan and fill with COLD water to cover the eggs by at least one inch. Place on high heat until the water just begins to boil. Cover pan, remove from heat… and set timer for 14 minutes. When time’s up… drain, rinse with cold water and peel. Perfection!


2 thoughts on “Perfect Hard Cooked Eggs… no green!

  1. Julie Sawyer says:

    i mash a hard cooked egg with a bit of avacado. It tastes delicious and my sleeve stays happy!  My Mom taught me the bring to a boil, cover and remove from heat method years ago. Works perfectly every single time. Firm but tender yolks. No yucky green ring. 

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