PURE Watermelon Smoothie

An Inspire PURE Watermelon Smoothie Helps Control Hunger, Crushes Cravings and is the perfect drink for a long hot summer! Absolutely delicious. 

PURE Watermelon Smoothie
3 cups ripe watermelon cubes, FROZEN
2 scoops PURE Unflavored Protein Powder or Inspire Summer Melon Protein Powder
1 cup water
Splenda, Truvia, or PureVia to taste if desired

Pulse all ingredients in a blender and share with a friend you care about!

Get yourself some PURE or INSPIRE Protein Powder


15 thoughts on “PURE Watermelon Smoothie

    • rena says:

      I had the sleeve
      It works great except I still have felt trying to take me to buffets!
      At Walmart they have protein shots that make two servings when you first have the surgery. Good luck to you!

  1. Collette Paul says:

    I soooo wish you had a non-whey protein! I can’t use whey, but love your flavor choices! Melon, white chocolate-strawberry, etc… these sound so yummy!

    • Susan Maria Leach says:

      We do not carry non whey because I have never tasted an alternative that I would want to tell you was good. The pea protein, egg protein and soy protein all tastes less than fabulous, but I get that some cannot drink whey. HOWEVER, our PURE is so pure that people who cannot use whey for a myriad of reasons often have NO issues with it. So lets talk about WHY you cant use whey and I can help you with that. Our Inspire PURE is lactose free without impurities.

  2. Beth Edwards says:

    Ilove your drinks and especially the Beleive drinks. But I can’t afford them they are so expensive. Do let anybody use pay pal for getting them. Also sell them to me and I pay them off little buy little. I was going to use my mastercard and get some but we had to have our worked on and it was very expensive for the work.
    Beth Edwards

  3. Raeleen Davidson says:

    Can someone who has not had the surgery drink these drinks. I know I can drink them, drink them, but will it do any good to help me keep from gaining anymore weight? I was to have the surgery back in 2007 but I just couldn’t quit smoking… I know I’m hanging my head in shame right now… but I am losing weight and I don’t know why…. Just curious because these look sssoooo good. and I also heard that the protein helps you not lose hair? it that true for anyone losing hair because of other sorts of weight loss other than bypass??

  4. Shontae says:

    I have been making and enjoying smoothies for years. I use most fruits and vegetables that I buy fresh, wash, dice and freeze. I have read several comments and concerns regarding watermelon smoothies and the seeds. I have used both seeded and seedless watermelons and either way you’ll have some seeds,regardless. With the seedless watermelons there’s less seeds and they’re smaller. Nevertheless they’re still there. One other thing that I have done Is to dice my watermelon, remove as many seeds as possible then freeze It. Once It’s frozen, I put It In my Ninja which crushes It up like snow cone Ice. I control how fine or chunky my crushed watermelon will be. Once It’s crushed up I put It In ziploc bags and refreeze It. When It’s fully frozen It’s easier to simply scoop out the desired amount I want to make smoothies. I found It to be so beneficial that I started crushing all of my fruits & veggies and keeping them frozen In ziploc bags. Hope this was helpful to someone. Thanks! 

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