“I lost all of my regain! 26 pounds gone & I’m back to my lowest adult weight. Plus I’m not done yet!”  –  Stephanie Raynes

Three years ago Stephanie Raynes had stopped losing weight after her honeymoon period and not only plateaued above goal but also regained – she needed help. After finding the Bariatric Eating Support on Facebook, learning about the plans and seeing them work for others, she gathered the strength to dig in. Slowly the rock began to roll! Read her tale of pure joy. Bravo Stephanie!

Stephanie Raynes, I lost my bariatric regain!

Stephanie’s Raynes –

Today I am officially out of the 180’s! I weighed in at 179.8 pounds. I know that is barely out of the 180’s but, 3 years after hitting 181 pounds and then slowly gaining 25 pounds, this feels incredible! I can’t even explain it but I know you all know what I’m talking about!

The best news is that I am not done yet as goal weight, here I come! Thank you Bariatric Eating Support for your amazing support system here on Facebook. Thank you for tough love, thank you for being the Carb Police to those of us who really need them. Thank you for the stories that you all share and use to motivate others. I believe this a great group of women and men – I love reading your struggles, successes and just love for one another.

God is so able, so GREAT! I have been praying about this for years and doubting my ability to achieve this. Yet, when I put it in His hands and found the strength to follow what I should have been doing the whole time, He made it possible…

Stephanie Raynes, I lost my bariatric regain!

I am so excited that I forgot to post my news. I have lost all of my regain! 26 pounds gone. Officially back to my lowest adult weight. I am determined to use the new skills I have learned here, to not only break into the 170’s but, to continue losing and hit my actual GOAL weight. I am grateful for the knowledge I’ve gained from this group and the power I feel over my addiction to carbs and sugar.

I always believed my “everything in moderation” lie. Now I know the truth and I feel confident that after 3 1/2 sleeved years and a lifetime of being overweight, that I can finally lose this weight and be successful at keeping it off.

September 13th, I started with the 48 Hour Pouch Reset and immediately realized that I did in fact still have good restriction. I then moved on to the BE Easy Plan and at the same time quit eating white flour, breads, crackers, pretzels, popcorn, and all added sugars. I stick with protein, veggies and a small amount of fruit. I now eat the way I should have been eating immediately after my surgery. I could have saved myself some of this yo-yoing if I’d just followed the rules in the first place!

I don’t feel the cravings for my old trigger foods anymore, even when I’m around them or preparing them. I feel so good both physically and mentally and don’t have that ‘carb hangover’ all of the time. It’s pretty amazing to feel like this. Now, on to my goal weight and maintenance! I AM SO HAPPY, I AM SO STRONG! GOAL HERE I COME AND THIS TIME I KNOW THAT I MEAN IT.

There are thousands who have lost regains or achieved goal weight with a little kick in the pants from Bariatric Eating Support on Facebook. We love success stories like Stephanies! Join us. If you have doubts, do the 48 Hour Pouch Reset and once you have your confidence back, move into Back on Track or BE Easy Bariatric Meal Plan. BE is the best place for support, products and plans because we live it with you. We get it. We struggle too. We just don’t let it rule us. 


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10 thoughts on “I lost all of my regain! – Stephanie Raynes

    • Stephanie says:

      Gloria, the Inspire is great but, first off you have to find the right mindset. Believe that you are ready to give up the old way of eating and start eating for your bariatric lifestyle. Things that used to cause us to lose our self control and eat, will still be there. We have to learn to eat the way our new pouch or sleeve is meant to be nourished. The 48 hour pouch reset was my first step. I had to remind myself that my tool, still was effective. It feels so good to realize you still have restriction. Shakes were helpful as meal supplements that first couple of weeks, with just a healthy dinner. I missed real food and transitioned to the Be Easy Plan. It was a much better fit for me. My regain came off at a nice steady pace and I’m now lower than I’ve ever been. There were days in the first couple of weeks, where I wanted to quit and eat some pretzels. I had to keep reminding myself that my health, my happiness, my self confidence, was worth more than those snacks that I was craving. After a couple of weeks, it got easier. I realized those cravings weren’t there any more. It’s a great feeling to have control over food, instead of it controlling me.

      I hope you will think about what it is that you want, and find your motivation. You’re worth this and you’ll be so proud of yourself when you succeed!

      The best products in the world won’t make you succeed. It takes you making good, lifetime changes, and forming new habits.

  1. Juaita Wade says:

    I am starting my regain asap…..I have gained 35 pounds since my thyroid cancer surgery and I I feel so bad and unhealthy. I am gathering everything I need to be prepared and WIN. I was wondering if anyone knew of a place, or person that had samples of protien powder like the ones on here in samples. I can not afford to buy each flavor but need something I will stay with along the way. Can anyone help with suggestions? I would like to try the Blueberry, banana, vanilla, peanut butter. Anyone?…Hmmmmm Thanks a bunch

  2. Brenda says:

    I have regained 15 lbs back – it’s been 6 years I love the back on track program but at 4 inspire protien drinks a day that’s 6 bags of protien and alittle over $200 a month – is there alittle cheaper way to do this ?

    • Cindy says:

      I had to look at it like this, I spent alot of money to loose weight so I could be healthy and live longer for my family. Since I chose not to follow the plan I have regained this weight and I spent money on things I shouldn’t have eaten whether at the grocery, gas station or fast food. The money I wasted on that pays for the protein drinks needed…just sayin’ Good luck!

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