Once we are years beyond bariatric surgery rather than months, it’s common to struggle with Regain.

Over the years the body adapts to surgical alterations, we are no longer as strict, and one of these times when we get whacked (hard) by life, we find ourselves steamrolled by thirty five (or more… ugh!) pounds we didn’t see coming.

It is really important that we all use every bit of energy to focus forward on the positive and not waste it on ‘should have, could have, would have’. Let the reality sink in and get your mind ready to embark on an adventure – welcome to the Back on Track – No Regain plan.

2016 Back on Track Plan


So Now What?

Even after Bariatric Surgery we are still searching for the miracle and unfortunately, there are no miracles. If you do not exercise for years and let your body remain dormant, if you slide back into your old bread, pasta and Everything In Moderation habits and begin drinking with meals, you will gain weight. It’s the math. That is why you are reading this. So much for “137 pounds Gone Forever!” The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time. What we call failure is not the falling down, but the staying down. So let’s get back up and surround yourself with postive people.

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I Think I Stretched My Pouch

We all have a surgical tool that is largely intact and if you need any reminder of how small your stomach really is, OR IF YOU BELIEVE YOU HAVE STRETCHED YOUR POUCH, start with The 48 Hour Pouch Reset to both test, reset your pouch and gather renewed confidence in its ability to create restriction.

Own It and Move On

It took me a lot of years to admit that I have always been the one responsible for my weight. It was not just my thyroid, my genes, or my bad metabolism. While those things influenced an outcome, it has always been the calories in the food I chose to eat versus how many calories my body burned. Owning it and taking responsibility empowers you. With that out of the way I can work to change things. Yes, I have a bad thyroid condition, now move on.

Revision Anyone!

If I had a dime for everyone who asks about ‘a Revision’, I would not have to work. Even if you need a revision due to a mechanical band failure, you still ate your way through the first surgery. If you once again do not change the way you eat, you will eat your way through that procedure as well. More surgery is not the answer. Bariatric surgery is not a dam that is built to hold back the deluge FOREVER, it’s meant to hold back our eating and remove the bulk of the weight burden while we get our act together!

Face the Regain!

We put together this plan and in 6 months I lost fifty pounds. Currently 12 of 17 Admins on BariatricEating Support Group on Facebook have lost 50 pounds or more using this Back on Track plan. Several have lost more than 100 pounds!  **The others have not had regain.** It’s not easy, but bariatric surgery wasn’t the easy the first time either. Losing weight now is a lot easier than without surgery.



The key to this plan is Four Protein Drinks a day to give you back your control. Protein fuels metabolism, fat burning and weight loss. This jump start is based on FOUR INSPIRE PROTEIN DRINKS… the first one when you wake up and the last about an hour before supper. If you are a night time eater, use a FIFTH Inspire protein drink as an evening ‘treat’ to shut down the foraging.

They blend easily using a glass and a spoon, or use a shaker cup.
Glass. Liquid. Inspire. Spoon. Stir. Yum. Full.

2. EXERCISE, the Secret Sauce for REGAIN LOSS

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Get up off the sofa… now.

No one likes to exercise. Fat people like to tell themselves that slim people LIKE to workout. THEY DON’T, they like what it does and how it makes them feel. If you would TRY IT, you will see why they feel that way. As we age our metabolism slows to a crawl. Regain is not always about eating too much; over the years our metabolism does slow and we turn into slugs. Welcome to age Fifty! It’s not an excuse, but we need to do something rather than just accepting metabolism change. GET UP OFF THAT SOFA.


WEEK 1 MENU with RECIPES Click here

WEEK 2 MENU with RECIPES Click here

Eat Fresh Food! BariatricEating has always promoted a simple meal plan of Protein FIRST, followed by lower carbohydrate vegetables & fruits. Our ultimate goal is to transition all meals to a really sensible healthy diet like you read about all the time.

For Back on Track we are focused on Four Inspire Protein Drinks to fuel fat burning and keep hunger away, plus one Healthy Protein Meal. The nightly meal consists of a lean baked or pan sautéed protein served with seasoned lower carb vegetables or salad.


  • No bread, no potatoes, no tortillas, no rice, no rolls, no pasta, no cake, no cookies, no high carb foods or low carb wraps.
  • Do NOT drink with your meals. If you have been drinking with meals. YOU MUST STOP IT.
  • Drink 8 cups of water or zero calorie liquid daily. If it’s difficult for you, download our free Hydration app at GetHyApp.com

FAQ's - Here are some answers to the questions we are asked in the BariatricEating Support Group on Facebook over and over again.

Q: Can I have yogurt for breakfast?
A: Is yogurt a protein drink? Then NO. You can have a protein drink for breakfast.

Q: Can I have salad for lunch?
A: Is salad a protein drink? Then NO. You can have a protein drink for lunch.

Q: Can I have an Inspire Hot Meal, Chili or Corn Chowder or Cream of Mushroom instead of an Inspire protein drink?
A:  YES, you can as we created these instant meals to have similar stats to our Inspire protein drinks.

Q: Why can’t I substitute more food for protein drinks?
A: If you were so good at the food part you wouldn’t need to go commando to lose 30 pounds right about now, so stick to this like glue to lose the weight. Then you can add food back later to screw it up.

Q: Can I skip the exercise part because have bad [check one] knees, back, ankles, AND I CANNOT EXERCISE.
A: NO, you can’t skip the exercise part!!! We have a real time exercise video where your feet do not even leave the floor. With all due respect, stop the baloney, you are fooling no one telling people you can’t exercise. One of our Admins, Kate Morse, works out from her wheelchair. If you don’t want to exercise, that is fine, but lets get real with the ‘I can’t’. Sorry, but everyone you say that to does an eye roll.


I have lost 58 pounds by following this plan and am getting ready to go for another round, so I am in it right next to you. Sure, I have had slip ups along the way but I don’t let it throw me. I get up, dust myself off and get back on the horse. When we screw up, we can’t just lay in the road whining because we failed OR SOMEONE WILL COME ALONG AND RUN US OVER. Get back up and move outta the way. Everyone has their own baggage. Be Strong.

Are you scared. Don't be. Are you ready? If not, make up your mind and let's roll. We promise to be your biggest cheerleaders.



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