How to Save Yourself

It’s All Fun & Games ’til Your Jeans Don’t Fit
When it happened to me, I could not believe it. No one believes it. #147poundsgoneforever!  When I hit rock bottom I took an assessment of myself and had a Serious Moment where I knew I had to make Serious Changes to get back to my core. I had fallen into a hole where for months I had been negative, unmotivated, not sleeping well and was stressed to my limits, all the while gaining back weight. Why I thought that I could handle Everything in Moderation (EIM) after 15 years of knowing certain foods were None of My Business (NOMB) is beyond me, but truth is that I had been hit with a Life Crisis and I reached back into my old life for comfort foods. In order to take back control, I knew that had to STOP, but then what?

It is not uncommon for intelligent people to find themselves in this situation. For years I have been the one giving the advice that you have to eventually come to your senses and realize that no one is going to save you – you have to save yourself. This time I was the one who needed help and I was going to have to figure out how to dig myself out. This are the steps it takes to lose regain. This is not just about shakes, its about the MINDSET you must have to make this work, but this time for life. 

BariatricEating Support Group on Facebook!
Since then the BariatricEating Support Group on Facebook that has gathered over 50,000 members – but even more important is that we have assembled an Administration Team of bariatric patients who’ve been through it all.

Who Ya Gonna Call? 
Head Admin Suzi Shaw had a Lap Band Slip & Flip and after months of self medicating with Ben & Jerry’s, created a total regain back to 348 pounds. She ditched all bad relationships, fought insurance for ‘band removal to bypass’ and clawed back to lose 190 pounds in 14 months to her current lean 158.

Admin Sharon Mahoney lost every last ounce of her 139 pound regain with the Back on Track plan! Sharon had gained back up to size 5X and is now wearing slim 10’s. This milestone took her even lower than her lowest weight back in 2004. She’s not stopping either – continuing on the plan to see where her body wants to go.

Sharon says, “There aren’t any superpowers that brought me here. Every one of you can do the same thing. I have the same cravings, the same temptations, the same weaknesses you have. But I’ve stuck with this plan, even with many slips. If I slip, I track what I ate and keep going. I will not quit!”

Admin Alison Garcia had lap band surgery in 2009 and in round one lost to 149 pounds – but within two years lost control and was back at 223 pounds – in June, she found BE and Back on Track gave her hope. In 12 months Alison has lost 110 pounds and got married this September in a size 2 Little White Dress.

Yeah, but have others done it?
Yep! Support Group on Facebook members Anne Holton lost 87 pounds of Regain using Back on Track, Linda Lewis Day lost 27 pounds of Regain, Yvette Adonai has lost 27 pounds of Regain, Patti Uphoff has lost 54 pounds of Regain, Colleen Gaffney has lost 47 pounds of Regain, Monica Kerley has lost 21 pounds of Regain, Julie Dunlap has lost 53 pounds of Regain, Michelle Pucci Boyd a star having lost 75 pounds of Regain, Melanie Teeter has lost 25 pounds of Regain… to recognize just a handful. SEE YOUR NAME HERE!


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46 thoughts on “It’s All Fun & Games ’til Your Jeans Don’t Fit!

  1. Sonrisa says:

    Need to drop 30lbs of regain. Picked up a new activity few times a week. Thought awesome I’ll be burning calories, scale will drop .. Ugh it’s only shot up since I’ve started. I need to make this work ASAP. Thx u

  2. Lisa Villarreal says:

    I’ve gotten too comfortable and lost, I have only gained 5 but I noticed that I can eat alot more, I stopped drinking water & drinking my vitamins, I still do a shake a day & I have tried to reset my stomach but I just can’t seem to get myself to get on track! I start & I start to feel the anxiety of me being hungry or tired & I just want to sleep! I’m not hardly eating & when I do not correctly! I don’t exercise nor walk because I think it’s enough what I do at work!! Ughhh like right now, I got up & went straight to get a piece of pistachio loaf bread, made coffee but as I was eating it I caught myself & got out the protein powder put a tsp full in a small lil kids cup with a tsp full of flax seed with chia seed & other ingredients, I mixed it up and drank it! Now on another thing, I have been so constipated but for sure it’s lack of water I imagine but the wrong foods I’m eating! I also noticed that everything I eat or drink I wanna feel that lil upset pain in my stomach that hurts a littl telling me I’m full rather than knowing how to learn to listen to my stomach! That throws me off & I’m always stressed about if I stretched my stomach & I don’t want to, I really want to feel how I would get before! It’s only been since September of 2015 but I feel so lost & helpless! Sorry for all my post, I really needed to talk to someone, rather than talking with my dad or sister, they wouldn’t understand, someone please help me out, how can move on forward! Thank in advance and sorry again! !

  3. Loriannprincessgirl says:

    Started my BOT on the 1st. Why not. Already lost 4 lbs. I’m proud of myself so far.
    It’s hard. I work nightshift at the local hospital. My coworkers ordered pizza one day, and big Italian meals the next. It smelled wonderful!! And there I sat with my protein drink. Smiling.
    I was asked repratedly what I was drinking. My protein shakes. My supportive friends understood. The others, well, that’s their opinion and I don’t care.
    So far, I keeping my resolution. And now know, thanks to finding your site, that I haven’t failed my RNY.
    I am 8 years post-op and HATE going to my follow up appointments. I have never reached goal and felt I failed. The local support group isn’t much help for me.
    Here to a positive start to losing the 20 lb regain and 15 pounds from there to goal.

  4. NIKKI says:

    I am 3yrs post op. I never reached my goal weight. I had 20 more pounds to go but now I have gained 30 back. I’m working out but I am a sweet addict. But as of now 2016 I’m giving myself a month from now to see if I can go without sweets. Its a big challenge but I’m determined. I have gained way to much. My question is, after I do the 48hr pouch reset, do I just keep doing the same thing, drinking 5 protein drinks and one meal until I’ve reached my goal weight?

      • NIKKI says:

        It is where you drink low cal shakes for 48hrs. The first day nothing but the shakes and then the second day all shakes until your dinner time you would have a meal. There is a article up top that will explain it a little more.

        • Susan Maria Leach says:

          Most doctors say okay to wine IF you are at least one year post op. In the first year your massive weight drop has put great stress on your liver as it filters the toxins from fat metabolization. So in that year it’s best to not add alcohol to the mix. After that year, you can have a glass of wine or no sugar cocktail BUT remember that without a full stomach you do not break down what you drink before it is absorbed and the alcohol enters the blood at near full proof. You can get very drunk very quickly. Please remember to never drink unless you are with someone that you can trust with your life. Never take your first drink at your bosses birthday dinner, or your own wedding just in case you are greatly effected!

  5. dfeliz01 says:

    I am confused about something. How long does this plan last? Will I be having 4 protein shakes and 1 meal a day for the rest of my life?

  6. Patricia Todd says:

    I was sleeved 2 years ago. After 150 lb loss got completely derailed Halloween and haven’t been able to get back on track since. Have 20 lbs of regain and another 10 pounds to lose to goal! So happy to find this group!

  7. staceyp says:

    After a few weeks on BOT I found myself getting bored and unable to face another shake. In the past , this is where I’ve reverted and gained back my BOT loss. This time around, I am going to the the BE Easy plan for a few days and then back to BOT to “SOT” – stay on track ?. It has worked and I am continuing to lose consistently. I have 36 lbs of regain to lose to get back to my lowest weight of 190. Then 15 more pounds to goal. I have lost 6 lbs so far!

  8. Beverly says:

    Been ten yrs out I have had some health issues and gained ten pounds over my goal weight back. I’ve been trying to get the weight back off but I feel stuck. I go to the gym and do cardo and three works outs on them days. And I walk on the treadmill at home on the off days. I started BOT today first shake down. I hope I’m doing this right.

  9. Cherry says:

    So glad to have found this! I like the idea that shakes are not the only thing in my future, but that it is reasonable to have to cycle back to primarily shakes to lose. I’ve gained back 75 out of a 100 lb loss, but ready to turn that around. Wrong foods and emotional eating were my downfall. Just have to say “NEVER” to ice cream, pizza, popcorn and McDonald’s.

  10. Rosemarie says:

    Rosemarie…lost 35 lbs since sleeve surgery on Nov 6th 2015..feel great!! Shoul I lost morer by now? Well been drinking protein 3 times daily with snack string cheese.and dinner tilapia fish.small amount with lettuce. I feel like scale isn’t moving!

  11. Shellie says:

    Hi I’m 10 years out (11 years in Sept!) and I never got to goal. I lost 121 lbs – kept 100 of it off for a few years. The last 2 years, I’m on some medication that is a known “weight-gainer,” and gained another 21 lbs… I feel angry that I’ve got something like this working against me (and believe me, my eating/drinking habits I’ve returned to do not help!). My doctor has never had a weight problem and doesn’t understand. I will go back for a visit with my Surgeon this summer. I believe this BOT will get me moving again. I need a commitment to re-start! Not sure if there is a forum on here, or how to find support? I “like” a general page on FB, but wondering if there is a support page for members to post? Any help would be appreciated! P.S. put in my order for Inspire Protein powder, and getting ready to start the 48 Hour Reset!

  12. Robyn says:

    Here I am…8 yrs post op frm vsg. Have 60 lbs re gain…. am on day 2 of the reset. Head hunger. Emotional eating. Eating an drinking all the wrong foods and eating way too fast. Zero exercise. Were my guilty pleasures.

    Now I am taking accountability for my actions. No one to blame but myself. I own my mistakes. I am going to put all my energy in NOT fighting the old…. but building the new.

  13. Lisa says:

    I am very grateful that I have found this site. I had my bypass in August of 2002. I lost 232 lbs and I felt incredible!! Then life hit! Stress reverted me back to some very bad habits. Through the past 7 years I have had a re-gain of about 80 lbs. I was telling myself that this was okay since I was keeping the rest of it off. But it really wasn’t. I found the “pouch reset” and it worked!! I am down 11 lbs and I am determined to get back to where I was. Thank you for this site!

  14. tee says:

    Hello everyone! I am so glad I found this site! I had the rny in 2005. I lost 132lbs within the first year of surgery and have gain at least 50lbs back and would like to lose 30lbs. I want to do the pouch reset, but I am not clear on in how to do it for? Thank you in advance!

  15. Shirley says:

    Had my rny in 2010. Had been following the eating plan but had a lot of stress in the last couple of years I have gained 15pounds and that really scares me. I did the 48 hour pouch reset order the protein and the iron tab. I take my vitamins daily. My order should be in any day now and cant wait to try everything. I am very determined to take thie 15pounds of regain off and keep it off!!!!

  16. Tammy Duckett says:

    Hello, I had my surgery in 2003. I have gained 165 pounds back of my total weight loss of 285. I’m really down on myself. I want to lose this regain. A co worker gave me your website and I’m really excited about regaining my healthy lifestyle. I never had a support group and my follow up appointments were very limited. I believe that I found this website with God’s. I’m looking forward to taking this journey with all of you.

  17. Darleen says:

    Hello all, I had gastric sleeve done in October of 2013. I lost 200 pounds but was not able to use ANY protein shakes or powders. They make me sick (vomit) just from the smell. I have tried premixed, soy, etc. and no luck. So to compensate I had to make sure that I got as much protein foods as possible. Recently I have had some serious issues that kicked my emotional eating back into the bad choice categories. I have regained almost 50 pounds and need some help to try to get back on track. Read the pouch reset but still have the issue with not being able to use any protein shakes. I just recently asked someone to see the powder that they had just purchased and I was so hoping that my problem was resolved over time. Unfortunately no sooner did I open the container and tried to smell…I had to cover my mouth to prevent the projectile. I had no time to think about it and was so positive and eager to hopefully be able to get back to losing the regain. HELP! Has anyone experienced this issue?

    • Alison Garcia says:

      Hi Darleen, our plans for getting back to business are amazing. The pouch reset can get you back in that wonderful mindset so many of us may have lost over the years. I assure you that Inspire, our protein, has no smell that would make you ill. The best thing you can do is get back to basics, try our plans, and you might be amazed at how successful you can be!

  18. Lorna says:

    I’m post VSG by 2.5 years. I had lost down 95-97 lbs (SOOO close to my 100!), then my mother passed away early last year and then in June, I found out the my foot had been broken for almost a year without knowing it. It slowed me down and contributed to my weight gain. I was placed on “inactive” then and things gor progressively worse. I ended up having surgery in January but had gained 34 pounds in that last year. I had reverted back to eating the really good stuff….. although I still haven’t had a soda of any kind in 3 years. THAT is my one saving grace. I had two surgeries in January and was completely non-weight bearing for 10 weeks, then in a boot and walker and then a cane……… so during all this time I “only” gained 6 more pounds. So now, I’m up 40 pounds. I was released today to start doing things and get active again. I’ve started back at the pool and am eating better. This last few days I’m down about 1.5 lbs. Not much, but I am down. I had gotten to within 35 pounds of my goal, so now I’m about 74 pounds from it.

    My question is…..I know this site promotes Inspire products, but I either make my own protein drinks or use Premier (just like those better). In using these I would get about 150 grams of protein a day from 5 shakes alone. Can’t we get too much protein and is this too much?

  19. TKohl says:

    2 years post VSG, lost 80 lbs total, was looking and feeling awesome…got a bit derailed, trying to finish Nurse Practitioner education AND lost my dad recently. 20 lb regain. Looking forward to a reset later this week and getting back on track. Thanks for all the great advice and recipes.

  20. Janet says:

    I am trying to BOT. I do OK during the week days, much more structured with my work schedule. So I was wondering if I BOT during the week and BE Easy Eating Plan on the weekend’s if that will work?

  21. Marjorie says:

    Good Afternoon All,

    I had the sleeve done in 2014 January about two years out now, and I have gain some back not a lot but to much.
    I need to lose another 55lbs and the courage and will power to cut out the soda’s a junk which I have started. I am going to the program to get myself back on track.

  22. LaShall Goggins says:

    I never made it to my goal weight. I am 3 years out post off. On top of that I have gained 40 pounds. I am very upset about that , but at least now I know there is hope. I’m very thankful and very grateful to the Lord that I am still here after having serious complications. So I have a lot to be thankful for. And I’m really glad that I have found this website. I need all the help I can get at this point. My Mind Is Made Up I will not be defeated, I will achieve what I set out to do.

  23. says:

    I am so glad I have found you. I will be starting the BOT as soon as I receive my Inspire order and accomplish the 48 hour pouch reset. The question I have is as follows: My daughter lives with me and also has a weight problem but has not had any surgery. She wants to do the BOT with all of the protein shakes etc. Is this healthy for her? What other calories etc would she need to stay healthy while following this program?

    • Alison Garcia says:

      Hi! Your daughter can also do so well on the BOT plan. We have several people who have family members that have “boarded the train” with them- not only to support their post op loved ones, but also for their own health and well being. How awesome is that? I would recommend she speak with her healthcare team or speak with a nutritionist as far as what her caloric, carb, sugar, and protein intake should be. It’s hard to say without knowing her circumstances. Best wishes to both of you, you’ll do great!!

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