Every week we get stronger and stronger as we lose pounds. You will love the picks for our third week of getting back on track with The Inspire Diet. We are repeating the Chicken Crust Pizza as everyone loves having Pizza on Fridays right? 


Even if you are a beginner, these recipes are not all that hard to make and do not use a large number of ingredients. Many use shortcuts and the steps are explained so you can follow. Give them a try! 

Below you will find the link to take you to the recipe along with the photo of the dish. All dishes are happy, healthy and bariatric friendly! Not a potato rice or tortilla in sight. These meals can be used with The Inspire Diet for weight loss or Inspire Goal for maintenance!

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Let’s Cook!

Skinny Orange Chicken with BroccoliMonday –  Skinny Orange Chicken with Broccoli – The Chinese take out version is deep fried. Ours has the flavors without the fat. 

Turkey Tacos for BariatricEatingTuesday –  Romaine Turkey Tacos  – I love a good taco! These use the ‘taco shell shape’ of a romaine lettuce leaf to hold all that goodness! 

crab cake salad with mangoes and ranch yogurt dressingWednesday – Five Minute Crab Cake Salad – Store bought crab cakes set a top a gorgeous plate of greens. The dressing? Yogurt based!

black bean soupDeli Turkey Rollups Thursday –  Black Bean Soup with Deli Turkey Roll ups  – It’s soup weather! Pair it with Deli Turkey slices rolled up with Swiss cheese & mustard. (no recipe!)

Chicken Crust Pizza with Margherita Style Toppings for bariatric eatingFriday – Chicken Crust Pizza – the famous pie… make sure your cheese is a sprinkle and not a blanket. This week it’s topped with fresh tomatoes and basil.

Chicken with Artichoke Spinach DipSaturday –  Roasted Artichoke Spinach Dip Chicken –  The appetizer dip that’s lick the dish good, made with a secret ingredient, on top of roasted chicken.

Italian Pot RoastSunday –  Italian Pot Roast – this dish turns a chuck roast into a hug from an Italian grandma. Set it and forget it… for an all day tender simmer! 

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9 thoughts on “THE INSPIRE DIET – Week 3 Super Suppers!

  1. Beverly Nahgahgwon says:

    i just wanted to say Thank you for being herefor us. i started the BOT two weeks ago and i have lost 4 pounds and going into my third week. i have had a few health issues in the last two yrs. i got C Diff from an antobitaicand have had trouble but it seems i am finialy get it together. i had surgery 10 yrs ago and did very well i was 243 day of surgery and at my one yr time i had went down to 114 pounds to low but then i put a few pounds back on and didnt want to gain any more. But thank you and the support group for helping 7 pounds from my goal weight.

  2. VH says:

    Something I don’t understand….no liquids with meals…soup is not a good choice, I’d think, unless eating with a fork. Thoughts/comments?

  3. Jodie says:

    I was curious about the meal plans do you need to eat each one of each day selected or can you mix them up and possibly eat the same one several nights in s row till its gone?

  4. Linda J DeHaan says:

    I had to have gastric bypass due to gastroparesis. I had a feeding tube for 4 months then the surgery. I was under 200 when having the surgery, but it was done to let my stomach start processing food again. How do I stop losing weight once I am down to the weight I want to be at. I don’t need or want to lose 100 lbs.

  5. Barbara says:

    I know a lot of you have had problems sticking to an eating plan. I am 76 have only lost 67 pounds starting in 2014 here I am soon to be 2017 and gaining pound at a time, I cannot exercise due to a soon to be be knee operation foot operation and a new pace maker , I love to cook only me, try new foods and have every device to make good meals, I know in my head what I am to do, I do have shakes aka meal replacement meals if I choose but I am dying here feeling alone lost and hating myself for being weak and alone, you see I live with my son and his wife all of us had the surgery mine the sleeve, they have started to fall also and no matter what I say about all the junk food they are bring in the house I cannot control what they eat , but sometimes the food I see gets me angry and yes I am just as bad not sticking to what I had done in the first time, I guess I am really disappointed in my self and at times tear myself up , can you help me. also I don’t wish for my family to see this, I will never hear the end of it

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