This worked out so well for Week 1, let’s do it again this week. We are so proud of your mouthwatering photos posted to the BariatricEating Support Group on Facebook! Let’s do that again as well. Eat Clean Food… no garbage, no fast food, no high fat or high carb food. Serve this wonderful food to your family too! Some of you were shocked by how much THEY loved your meals last week, but I am telling you this is not my first rodeo either. Good food tastes good to EVERYONE. Let’s Cook!




MONDAY Maryland shrimp salad – use store bought cooked shrimp as the base of this super delicious meal. I prefer to pan sear my own raw shrimp – more flavor! This works for almost any food stage as a puree all the way up to a whole shrimp salad!

Maryland Shrimp Salad, Spread for bariatric eating


TUESDAY Ground Beef Zucchini Marinara Sautè – a super fast dish that tastes great. To the table in five minutes! Faster than microwaving a Lean Cuisine.

Fast Bariatric Meal! Zucchini & Ground Beef 'Meat Sauce'


WEDNESDAY Egg Rolls Unrolled – I love Chinese Egg Rolls or Spring Rolls. This dish takes the INSIDE the eggroll seasoned chicken and vegetables to a bowl! Yum. Versions of this are known online as ‘crack slaw’ but I will never call it that.

Deconstructed Eggrolls for bariatric eating


THURSDAY Best Turkey Burger On Earth – yep, easy and delicious! It’s all in the quality of your turkey and the way you cook it.

Best turkey burger on earth


FRIDAY ‘Fried’ Chicken Salad with Ranch Yogurt Dressing  – this is so good that you will make it all the time. It is a go to dish when I have not really planned anything! The chicken is AMAZING.

'Fried' Chicken Salad with Ranch Yogurt Dressing


SATURDAY Foil Pouch Fish Filets – pop a few ingredients into a foil packet and BAKE. So Easy, So Tasty!

Foil Pouch Roasted Fish Fillet


SUNDAY  Pimento Cheese Roasted Chicken – Make a bowl of Pimento Cheese and use some to top roasted chicken and the rest for a Pimento Cheese ‘sub’ on another day! Pimento Cheese Chicken

SUGAR FREE SWEET TREAT – Homemade Chocolate Pudding – Feed your need for something sweet before it bites you. This sugar free chocolate pudding is super good and will keep you out of the Chips Ahoy bag.

Chocolate pudding


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17 thoughts on “THE INSPIRE DIET – Week 2 Super Suppers!

  1. Sue says:

    Thank you so much for publishing this back on track support. I am 10 years out and have regained, these suggestions, articles and recipes are getting my brain back on track. Question: I am a breakfast eater and no so much (as I get older) a dinner eater. Is is ok to eat breakfast while following this back on track and only eating a little if any dinner? Would love some advice. Thanks again.

    • says:

      I would think eating breakfast would be better. You’d lose more, because you’d have all day to lose the calories . it says one high protein meal and 4 protein shakes in week one. good luck!

      • Alison Garcia says:

        You can have your one Back On Track meal at any time of day that you wish. Some folks prefer their meal in the evening, and shakes during the day at the office and while on the go. Others prefer to kick off the day with solid food and enjoy a shake at night. A quality protein beverage still gets your motor running! Liquid or solid, a protein rich breakfast is truly key!

  2. Diana Cockerham says:

    when I had my surgery 8 years ago I bought a protean drink,that was’nt milk base it was more like a fruit drink,wish I could remember what it was called,I cant drink anything that is remotely like milk,I have gained about 25 lbs back and would like to have the drinks to replace a few meals,do you have anything like that?

  3. diane brus says:

    no where on here does it say what your portion size should be? I could eat the entire dish if i wanted 🙁

    • Alison Garcia says:

      Hi Diane, we don’t provide nutritional information or portion sizes for one reason: it varies from one individual to another. A 7 year post op can eat more than, say, a two week post op. Trust your pouch, and for nutritional information, you can enter your values into a food journal to determine YOUR values, using your ingredients and portion sizes. Here’s a great bit of reading on it. -Alison

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