My local Farmer’s Market is one of my favorite places to go. A plethora of fruit, vegetables, crafts, two restaurants, spices, candles, and fresh flowers. And I love a good field trip. Let’s go take a look around and see what they offer in this year round gem of a market.

Farmer's market exterior shot


The outdoor stalls remain empty this time of year, lying in wait for summer to bring it’s warmth.

FM Pavilion View


The market has a warm, welcoming feel, even in winter. There are definitely lots of good things inside of these walls. Let’s go have a look!

FM Entryway


Interior shot..I love the variety of vendors, all local, and the selections of handmade products. The fact that I can purchase six brussels sprouts, three radishes,  4 oz of beef, one lamb kabob, or 1 oz of a gourmet cheese I’ve not tried really is an advantage to shopping at your local Farmer’s market. Not to mention that you are supporting local growers and the community!!

FM Interior shot


The fresh meat vendor is my go to for wonderful beef, chicken, lamb, and buffalo. Today I selected 4 oz of grass fed buffalo stew meat, and it only set me back a few dollars for a quality product. I will be enjoying this with a marsala wine sauce.

the meat counter


Hill’s Cheese has an awesome variety of flavors from around the world! Today the friendly cheese lady cut 2 oz of a Wisconsin tomato basil cheddar for me to enjoy. Perfect for a few BE Easy small meals!

FM Hill's Cheese


My favorite middle Eastern restaurant in the market has great food! They are incredibly accommodating, and the owner usually gifts me with some fresh garlic sauce to take home whenever I dine there. The portions are so generous, I tend to re purpose my leftover meat into a few BE Easy meals. The food is fresh, the shawarma is amazing, and the meat is super tender, being that it is slow roasted as shown.

FM Shawarma shot


I truly love vegetables. They speak to me, and I speak right back. Today from this vendor I chose bella mushrooms, and zucchini. Perfect for zoodles!



This vendor has almost any spice that you can imagine. Marshmallow root, anyone? I love to get fresh spices here, I can buy a small amount and always have fresh on hand. They also sell natural hand creams, sea salt, infused sugar, and other wonderful items.

spice market


Salt galore! Today I selected some applewood smoked sea salt. There are so many kinds from which to choose, it’s an amazing vendor.

salt of the earth


This is a new vendor, and their produce is amazingly gorgeous. I purchased a dumpling squash, some snow peas, and some fresh green beans to enjoy with my marsala this evening.

LJ's Farm Market


The beauty of a winter harvest. I love how I can pick the right size- just for me!

squash shot




Thanks for joining me on my field trip. Until next time!


5 thoughts on “A Field Trip To The Farmer’s Market…BE Style

  1. Alison Garcia says:

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  2. Jeannette Sitterding says:

    I had the very first gasta by pas back in 1970’s, then hadit redone and my belly fat cut off, in 1994, and keep it off until a year ago , I am up to 215 lbs. size 18 I test done and all my straples are gone I can eat anything but not much meat.i eat more now then ever, I am 67 yrs old . Can you help me,

  3. Heather says:

    Wow! I recognize this Farmer’s Market as my LOCAL!!! I love going there, especially in the spring/summer. I will love it even more once I progress in diet/foods. I am only a week out of surgery, but I can start on cooked veggies on Monday!

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