We are proud of the tens of thousands who have pulled themselves back on track with The Inspire Diet! Members who once believed their regain situation was hopeless, have lost 20 pounds and more in these five weeks! Four Inspire drinks or Inspire Protein Kitchen foods a day plus one of the healthy meals below. Life with BE is good. It’s also tasty.

Honey, what’s for Supper?  Here is the 5th week of simple family friendly and bariatric healthy meals. This is what we are cooking on the BariatricEating Support Group on Facebook. Watch us shine, watch us lose weight… But it’s better to join us!


Skinny Fiesta Casserole
Monday – Skinny Fiesta Casserole – a huge hit in my house! Sautéed chicken with a quick homemade enchilada sauce, baked and topped with cooling lettuce and diced tomato. Yum!

Roasted Squash Soup
Tuesday –  Roasted Butternut Squash & Apple Soup with Turkey Lettuce Wraps – Roast the ingredients until soft and caramelized. Then it all goes in the blender and buzzed until silky smooth.

One Pan Chicken Parm for Bariatric Eating
Wednesday –  One Pan Chicken Parm – One of my favorite dishes. Sauté tenderized chicken and create a quick smokey sauce with a flash of fresh basil. Thin slices of provolone seal the deal!


Tomato Tuna Melt
Thursday – Tuna Melts – this is a classic turned low carb. Place a scoop of tuna on a pile of grape tomatoes, top with guacamole and cheese and run through the broiler.

pizza collage
Friday –  Chicken Crust Pizza! – these are the photos of YOUR delicious pizzas! Some of us got a little crazy with the pepperoni and cheese, but the more we make this the healthier we get.

No Crust Spinach and White Cheddar Quiche
Saturday –  No Crust Spinach and Swiss Quiche – you won’t believe the flavor in this dish! Freshly grated nutmeg takes this spinach & Swiss custard to the next level. Leftovers reheat beautifully.

Steak and Cheesy 'Rice'
Sunday –  Sliced Steak and Cheesy ‘Rice’ – marinated steak made tender by thinly slicing across the grain and paired with a roasted cauliflower casserole.

Sweet Ricotta Berry Tart for Bariatric Eating
Sweet Ricotta Berry Pie – This weeks ‘sweet’ is made with Part Skim Milk Ricotta, Splenda, Eggs and Fresh Raspberries & Blackberries. A small 1/12 wedge after an evening meal help keep us on the No Sugar path.


7 thoughts on “THE INSPIRE DIET – Week 5 Super Suppers!

  1. ethel says:

    Do you have any other meals that dont have chicken ham rice noodles fruit beans bread raw veggies as I cannot have these at all

    • Sharlotte Akin says:

      my favorite is chocolate covered cherries.. Tated just like a chocolate yummy shake. I also love the orange cream.. can you say yum! no need for anything else but water for these too. but you can mix with coconut water or almond milk. For me.. i like it with water and ice and blend to make a icey treat.

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