Do you shop/cook for one? It is possible to assemble a cart of bariatric friendly meals with minimal waste, exactly what you need for a week of meals-and to get everything for under $50. True story. 


store front

The Challenge: Fifty Dollars in my pocket- A week’s worth of groceries
Here we are at the supermarket. I enjoyed an Inspire shake before I left the house, so I am fueled up, and hunger won’t be driving my decisions today.



veggie cart
I am not shy about buying exactly what I need. For this week i selected a bunch of organic carrots, 1 parsnip, one package of mushrooms, one bunch each of spinach and kale, 3 radishes, one garlic, a yellow pepper, one acorn squash, green onions, 2 roma tomatoes, one bag of yellow onions, ten sugar snap peas, and asparagus. No waste, it is exactly what I need for a week of meals.

2)Meat Department

Budget Shopping After Bariatric Surgery, Alison Garcia
I got a variety of meats, to keep from getting the humdrums when it comes to my meal. I was happy to see lamb on sale. Since I will be using it tomorrow night, it will keep just fine. Ground turkey, lamb, seafood mix(frozen-I use what I need), 1 mushroom provolone bratwurst, 4 oz of beef tenderloin steak(a downright splurge item for me-at $19.99 a lb, 4 oz doesn’t put a dent in my wallet), 1 chicken breast, 1/4 lb of shaved angus beef, and 1/4 lb salmon filet. So many items from which to choose for the week, and just the right amounts for one(or two)meals. I got the ground turkey and the lamb from the regular meat display, the seafood from the freezer, and the rest was packaged to order at the deli counter. The employees at my store are incredibly accommodating and are happy to help!

3)Deli Department

BE shopping trip
I enjoy a variety of quality meats and cheeses for my small meals. I never buy more than 1/4 of a lb, and I get a good mix of items. Without breaking the bank. Today I selected 1/4 lb Sriracha chicken breast, 2 slices Emmental cheese, 3 slices of smoked gouda, 1/4 lb lower sodium black forest ham, and 1/4 lb oven roasted chicken breast.

4)Dairy Department

BE shopping trip-Dairy
My visit to the dairy department is brief: I got all of my cheese in the deli! I picked up plain Greek yogurt to use in lieu of sour cream(a tbsp or two at a time), and two Triple Zero Greek Yogurts(I enjoy yogurt on occasion, but only this brand-as it has no ADDED sugar. A small container of cottage cheese, and I am headed out the door! If you consume unsweetened almond milk that would probably be in your cart as well.

5) The Haul

BE Shopping trip-full cart
So this is my cart- all good choices, lots of protein and low carb vegetables. This is my typical basket when I do my shopping.

5) Headed home 

BE Shopping Trip-Headed home

I love reusable bags..they are so much easier to carry than a zillion plastic bags, and a LOT better for the environment. Put your bags by the door after you empty them-that way you can put them right back in your car for your next trip!

7) The Receipt

BE Shopping Trip, the receipt

I did not have any coupons- and most of my items were regular or sale priced. It is possible to shop on a budget. I don’t generally buy much from the inner aisles of the supermarket-with the exception of canned tomatoes, olive oil, and spices. The good things are on the perimeter of the store. Think fresh!!

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