Nuts are one of my favorite foods and they’re good for you but the calories can add up super fast! Here’s a quick guide to a 100 Calorie Serving of Nuts.


Too Many NUTS? A Visual Guide!


Almost every type of nut has a lot of nutrition packed into a small bite. Eating nuts may reduce your risk of developing blood clots that can cause a fatal heart attack. Nuts also appear to improve your LDL or ‘Bad’ cholesterol levels in your blood.

After bariatric surgery, it is not unusual to feel a little woozy because your blood sugar has dipped when you have gone too long without eating. It’s smart to keep a small packet of nuts handy to keep your levels steady.

I keep nuts in my computer bag in case I am stuck in a long business meeting – there’s a sealed can of almonds in my car in case traffic keeps me out too long.

As good as this food is for you, as much as 80 percent of a nut is fat. Even though most of this fat is healthy fat, it’s still a lot of calories that can add up FAST. If you are the type who tends to mindlessly eat, it’s a good idea to know just how many nuts there are in 100 calories!


How Many Nuts FIT INTO 100 Calories!

100 Calories of Almonds – 4g carbs, 4g protein
Roasted, salted almonds
Weight: 18 grams
Volume: About 20 almonds



100 Calories of Cashews – 5g carbs, 3g protein
Roasted, salted cashews
Weight: 18 grams
Volume: About 13 whole cashews



100 Calories of Peanuts – 3g carbs, 5g protein
Okay so technically these are not ‘nuts’ but 2 tablespoons will get you to 100 calories pretty fast.
Weight: 18 grams
Volume: About 2 tablespoons



100 Calories of Pecans – 2g carbs, 1g protein
Pecans are higher in calories per gram than any of the nuts.
Weight: 15 grams
Volume: About 10 pecan halves



100 Calories of Naked Pistachios – 7g carbs, 2g protein
Shelled pistachios are crazy expensive, plus opening the shells is part of the experience!
By Weight: 18 grams
By Volume: About 25 kernels



100 Calories of shell on Pistachios – 7g carbs, 2g protein
A much better value for $ and calories.
By Weight: 41 grams
By Volume: a heaping 1/3 cup




This is one of Alison’s BE Easy Everyday Meals! Shrimp, grape tomatoes, hummus and almonds… yum. Good and good for you. 

BE Easy Plan Small Meal - Alison Garcia

The Inspire Diet

11 thoughts on “Too Many NUTS? A Visual Guide!

  1. Pacific says:

    Thank you! I so needed this. I love nuts, always have. I’m 7 months post op and just started eating nuts, it is so easy to “guesstimate” and exceed calories. This info will help me stay on track. 🙂

  2. Christina says:

    I’ve learned by my nut and this website that a svg size for seeded nuts is 1/4 1 oz, this is my rule of thumb…as always great article

  3. Melissa Cole says:

    Just found Emerald 100 calorie packs of natural almonds and natural almonds and walnuts in the store this weekend — great to have on hand when a little something is needed to keep blood sugar level.

  4. Liza Jurey says:

    This truly is very helpful! I am 6 months post and able to eat them and find however when life gets hectic, it becomes my eat go to without thinking about all of these factors! Like GI Joe use to say, “Knowing is half the battle!”.

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