I have just lost 100 pounds for the second time, including 70 pounds of Lap Band Regain, at 6 years post op. Rather than ask ‘HOW DID I DO IT?’ Follow me!

I am sharing the ‘BE Easy’ Everyday Meals that I pack for the office each day that finally got me to the goal weight I never hit the first time!

– Alison Garcia, Admin BE Support Group on Facebook


This small meal consists of a slice of applewood ham, Buttermilk bleu cheese, a garlic pickle spear, almonds and walnuts, and freshly sliced radish. It’s the perfect balance for a small meal!


ham, bleu, radish, pickle nuts

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2 thoughts on “BE Easy Everyday Meal: Ham, Cheese, Pickle, Radish, and Nuts

    • Alison Garcia says:

      Hi Tonja, you can use any kind you prefer. I like Boar’s Head brand, it’s minimally processed, and in my opinion, you can taste the difference and quality. Any low carb vegetable would pair well with this plate. Choose wisely, and enjoy! *Alison

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