Working in an office means I often have to go with the flow and enjoy a lunch meeting with my co-workers. Luckily navigating Take-Out Menus and BE Easy style eating can be done with a few simple survival tips:

  • Speak up when it comes time to pick a restaurant. Not everyone has the same goals as we do…but you do deserve to have a say in where you eat. Take some time to gather and store local restaurant Take-Out menus or familiarize yourself with their websites, this way you can have an idea on where you should suggest when the time comes.  
  • Offer to order the food, that way you can specify your specific needs and not worry things will be lost in translation along the way. 
  • I keep a small plate in my desk drawer. This makes it easy to portion out my food and not be tempted with what’s left in my box as everyone else finishes their meals.
  • Have a back-up plan. I keep a box of Inspire Soups in my desk just in case the restaurant chosen doesn’t quite suit my tastes. That way I can still enjoy a hot meal with the team and stay on track.

For this meal we decided on Vietnamese. I was able to select a place I am familiar with, and was able to make a good choice quickly. I ordered a grilled pork and shrimp dish. I asked them to replace the noodles with a double portion of the lettuce and cucumbers that already come with the plate.  Once I had the meal in my hands  I took less than 2 minutes to scoop out a small portion of each of the proteins and top the salad with it. Then I boxed the rest up for lunch another day. Out of sight…out of mind and I’ve got another Easy Everyday meal for another day!  ~~ Suzi Shaw, Lead Admin on Bariatric Eating Support on Facebook




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