I’m Sharon Mahany, an Admin on our No More Bariatric Regain Support Group on Facebook. I want to personally reach out to you because I know how REGAIN feels. The pic on the left is after my REGAIN and on right is after giving Back On Track a shot!

Sharon Mahany, Before & After & After

I know how it happens. You have had weight loss surgery and were excited for the beginning of your new life. The weight just melted off and you were able to do things you hadn’t been able to do before. You had a newfound freedom! You thought you had left that old life behind and were thrilled with new beginnings.

Then you got to goal, lived a few years and slowly became more relaxed in your eating. A few items from your old life began creeping back in. A bagel, a hamburger and french fries, a couple of cookies or a handful of chips.

Uh oh! Your clothes are fitting tight. You’re mad at yourself, you might even hate yourself. Those feelings drive you to the comforting food that used to make you feel better.

Now the small clothes don’t fit at all anymore. More self hate… more binging on carbs. A never ending spiral…. and your regain has reached 10 pounds, 50 pounds, 100 pounds …. or more!

I’ve been there and lived the Cinderella story. I had gastric bypass in 2002. My high weight was over 500 pounds!

Sharon at over 500 pounds

My surgeon had promoted everything in moderation and said diet soda was ok, just not regular. I had Diet Dr Pepper with my sandwich for lunch each day at work. A side of baked Lay’s, because baked chips were healthier, you see. I snacked on rice cakes.

For the first 2 years, the weight just melted off. I lost 308 pounds and was wearing size 12. By then, my surgeon had closed his office and left the country. I didn’t worry though… why would I need him… what could go wrong… I had found a magic wand!

Sharon after bariatric surgery and losing 300 pounds

But my dream came crashing to the ground as the scale did an about face and began moving up, and fast! I had no surgeon and no support. As my weight increased, I eventually just gave up.

I justified it by telling myself that gastric bypass was only a temporary solution to my obesity. I regained 139 pounds from my lowest weight.

One day last May, I was searching on Facebook to learn about other weight loss surgeries for my daughter. I found a group, Bariatric Eating Support.

I read about members losing regain on something called the Back On Track plan. I wondered if it would work for me. I decided to give it a shot even though I was sure it wouldn’t work because I had abused my pouch for 11 long years.

Mentally, I was prepared if I did not lose weight because of the amount I had regained, that I was now 64 years old, did not have a thyroid due to thyroid cancer in 2005, and couldn’t work out like others do because of bone on bone arthritis in both knees.

But I started on the Back On Track plan anyway. I NEED TO SHOUT OUT THAT IT WORKS! I have now lost ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTEEN POUNDS *117 Pounds* 1.1.7 LBS of that regain and I AM still going strong on the BOT program. Inspire and Believe protein drinks have been key elements in my success in losing it.

If you’ve regained and you’re feeling hopeless… if you hate yourself and think you are too far out, too much regain, have physical limitations that would keep you from working out, I want to give you hope.

The answer is right here.. with this group, the amazing support and knowledge and the awesome products that are made for bariatric post ops.

You CAN lose that regain. .. just set your mind to do it and no matter how many times you veer off track, just jump right back on BOT!

This photo was taken two weeks ago! I have to pinch myself. I am still on Back on Track and still losing. I’m 65 years old and am happy and getting healthier!


Sharon is still rocking Back on Track and has come even further! Just take a look at how amazing she looks now:


sharon 4-squashed


sharon 5-squashed



To recap how far Sharon has come:

500 Pounds is where she started.

466 Pounds on the day of her surgery in 2002.

By 2004 she was 192 Pounds.

Back up to 331 Pounds in 2015 and feeling hopeless about the state of her health.

Here she is in December of 2016 at an all time low of 180 Pounds! 


Come on over to the sister group made just for us that have regained or never made it to goal! We’ll help you lose that regain!


25 thoughts on “Sharon Mahany, Before & After & After

    • Desiree says:

      The Back on Track plan is on here! Just follow it as it is written. Lots of good articles here and support on FB 🙂

  1. Pat Woodhull says:

    Never reached goal, my lowest was 222, now I’m at 245. I’m 5 years out from gastric sleeve. Was stalled for over a year before I gained. With all the excess skin I know getting to 160 probably won’t happen, but I’m not happy with where I am either. Frustrated and not feeling very good about myself.

    • Angie says:

      Pat, don’t give up! I had gained about that much back too, closer to 30 pounds. I did the BOT program and got back to my 219. I need to get back on BOT so that I can get to the 130 I’d like to be! I’ll be 4 years out from the sleeve on Halloween.

  2. nikki says:

    Congrats on you losing your regain! How long did it take you to lose 117 and did you follow the BOT plan to the fullest?

  3. cathydz says:

    Kelsy. I am so happy for you. We are the same age. Can u tell me how long it took u to lose the regain? I need motivated.

  4. Robyn says:

    Sharon what kind of exercise did you do if any? I am bone on bone with my knees as well and need knee replacement in my right knee. I really could use some help. I am at a 35 pound regain right now and am really scared. I am 5 years post op RNY. Thank you!

    • Angie says:

      I also have really bad knees. My doctor told me a bicycle, either stationary or not. I have a recumbent bike, and have recently gotten a bike to ride outside. As soon as all of the rain stops, I’ll let you know how it works.

  5. Jimi says:

    I am happy for you! I started regain one year after the surgery. Was it because of my brother’s death or did I go as far as I could? I don’t know. I had lost 144# now 7 yrs later I am up 78#. I do so many things wrong now, but the biggest is my process of giving up diet soda. I see my bariatric doctor monthly because of various issues. I have lots of health problems and take a lot of meds. When I read your testimony what got me was you said after 11 yrs you didn’t think your pouch would work for you again. It did I take it? That gives me hope. I kept getting warned about stretching it, etc. I am sure it will still work for me, but I need to start treating it better. Thank you for saying that. I could cry tears of joy and relief reading that.

  6. Linda says:

    I am in tears. My heart broke for you at your start photo and trembled for me..cause isn’t that our fear? That it just won’t stop?
    What an inspiration you are. God bless you dear woman. You look beyond marvelous! Thank you for sharing the road you have traveled…you will have no idea how many lives you will save.. how many hearts will be and have been encouraged.
    Well done beautiful!

  7. Rivvy says:

    Sharon, your story is amazing…Linda you are an inspiration. I have had my share of demons also.
    I have regained and even more than i started with.

    I’m here becuz i am so desperate. There are many health issues. I have a few more months in which
    i need to lose some of this weight. I need a second surgery for multiple hernias, this will be the
    second fix.

    I need to feel empowered and i find, in reading here, some of that feeling and if i hang on enough, i
    can accomplish my goals. You are all pretty fantastic and hopefully, if this journey is successful,
    i can give back as much as i get.

    Thanks to all of you for being brave enough and caring enough to share
    and maybe make a huge difference for others.

    I hope to send a second email, hopefully sharing a bit of my story.

    Commitment and courage are whas i found here today.

    Thanks so much, you are all angels in my life.

  8. Maria Fair says:

    I started BOT on 12-26-16 and the site admin suggested I read Sharon’s story – I so related! My Roun-y was in 2004 and I did great for awoke. The wait slowly came back! I have lost 80 pounds of regain and still going! The Inspire shajescabd Jourbey vitamins are the greatest! Could not have down this without everyone on this site!

  9. Christybee says:

    I am 15 years out from my open RNY procedure… I have HW was 342, LW was 189. I regained in 2007 after my divorce… went up to 292. Went back down to 212 in 2016; no I’m back up to 260😩 No rest for the weary… I gained nearly 50 pounds in less than a year! I’m nervous, and feeling like I can’t do it again, but my clothes don’t fit and I refuse to buy new ones. I need some major encouragement!

  10. Sylvia Lorenz says:

    I am 15 years post gastric bypass. I did well for quite a while but had major surgery for stricture. Unable to eat any solid food for over a year before doctors agreed on diagnosis and surgery. Six months ago I was diagnosed with colitis and was on antibiotics, ended up on steroids for 3 months and have steadily gained 15-20 lbs. doesn’t sound like too much but cloths don’t fit and I’m scared. I will look at the restart process and see if I can afford it. Thank you for the testimonies.

  11. Gina says:

    Depression is real. 2000 was the year and now all the way back where I started. Pulled my hamstring in 2001 then tore it in 2002. Two surgeries, divorce added to hopelessness

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