We’ve gleaned info from hundreds of the top bariatric programs and these are the undisputed facts.

Bariatric Carb Sense

You can spend a whole lot of time and energy fighting it, or you can make up your mind to let all those old ‘bad carb’ foods go… they are the reason we needed weight loss surgery and if you ‘get it’ early on you can avoid having to lose your weight *twice*.

CLICK on the INFOGRAPHIC to view!

The Inspire Diet

14 thoughts on “Bariatric Carb Sense

  1. Amica Venturi says:

    I’m so grateful for all of the thoughtful, easy to read, beautiful charts you provide us. I have inspirational sayings and reminders all over my home. So everywhere I look I see something that lifts me up and supports my goals. I wonder if others use this kind of tool to keep themselves on track..
    Again, thank you and I feel blessed to have been recommended your site and Facebook page by a dear friend.

  2. Marsha says:

    I really wanted to print that carb chart. It wouldn’t even let me open it. Is it possible to send me a copy? Or where I can print a copy. I have gained all back and I want it gone!

  3. Jay says:

    It says “Click on the INFOGRAPHIC to open”, but it doesn’t work??? How do I open this wonderful chart so it’s fully readable and I can copy it? Help! P.S. – I already tried opening it in another browser (Chrome), but that didn’t work, either.

    • Alison Garcia says:

      Hi Jay, I just tried it on two different browsers, no issue. But try right clicking on it and saving, then opening. -Alison

  4. Christine Valleau says:

    I definitely need help. 8 years ago I had gastric bypass surgery I had weighed 400 pounds. I got to 130 pounds.Family worried doctor wasn’t happy. He had me jump to 150. I now have put on roughly 80 pounds above the 150. I’m very depressed.

    • Susan Maria Leach says:

      No one TRULY wants to eat these foods – we use them as a loophole to not change our behavior. Sure you will buy the $8 Nutty Whole Grain Bread at Whole Foods ONCE OR TWICE, then the next time BOOM… Sourdough. Change your life and habits and you will no longer want to try so hard to fit these foods on your plate. Brown rice, quinoa, sprout bread and whole grain breads are just too high in carbs and will AWAKEN your hunger – they are also not as healthy as you want to THINK they are. Steel cut oats are fine BUT only when you are at goal and ONLY if they dont create massive hunger for you.

  5. Annette says:

    This is great info! I am a diabetic and have had my BS under control for the last 9 years since surgery but lately have had some low sugar spells. This usually happens at night. Im doing the 14 day diet. Any suggestions on how to eat this from happening? Thanks

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