What’s wrong with taking Children’s Vitamins?

If you take Flintstones, we applaud you for at least taking SOME form of vitamin. More than 60% of post ops don’t take ANY vitamins. 

With all due respect as you may not be in a position to know this, but Flintstones are not sufficient for a healthy adult, they are for a 70 pound child.

Flintstones are NOT people who have had stomach removal through bariatric surgery

Why would anyone believe they would be sufficient for an adult who has had 80% of their stomach surgically removed? Flintstones are simply not adequate for supplementation after bariatric surgery because in addition to limited stomach size we have specific nutrient needs. This is common knowledge.

We don’t need to prove you wrong, I just want to plant a tiny seed of doubt. Your nutritionist has done you a terrible disservice but she won’t be the one who loses her hair by the handful in month 7, she won’t be the one sitting for 4 hours to get IV iron infusions every three months in year 3, your nutritionist won’t be the one who breaks her wrist in year 5 and loses teeth in year 10, you will be. Open up your mind first, then we can send you medical journals and as a bonus the list of post ops who have died from deficiencies.

We truly are glad that you are at least taking something as you may have a fighting chance. There are many more out there who think they are getting by with taking nothing… they are really the ones in trouble as years pass. 

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4 thoughts on “FAQ: But My Nutritionist Said I Could Take Flintstones Vitamins?

  1. Joan says:

    I take 2 Flinstones a day, plus 1500mg calcium citrate b12 and Biotin 10,000mg and probiotics. This meets all the bariatric supplement guidelines.

    • Alison Garcia says:

      Hi Joan, I’m glad you are taking SOMETHING, and I’m sure your docs are too. It’s absolutely better than nothing. As the article states, they are intended for children, not bariatric patients. It can take years for deficiencies to appear, believe me on this one. Even popping my children’s vitamin, I had numbness running down the length of my leg, was tired and pale, and was losing hair, my labs were a mess, and this was 5 years POST OP. Since starting an appropriate vitamin, it’s all resolved, and my labs are on point. It’s so important to take a good bariatric vitamin- we’re all SO worth it, and so is your long term health. Food(vitamins) for thought. -Alison https://www.bariatriceating.com/2014/06/why-journey/

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