Why Does Eating Healthy Cost So Much?

This is a common concern as we have many members who wrestle with the cost of feeding themselves and their families, let alone the cost of supplements and vitamins. 

I am old fashioned and grew up fairly poor just outside of NYC. We shared a duplex with my great grandparents and a whole slew of relatives who lived within 2 blocks. We ate tomatoes, zucchini, lettuce, peppers, eggplant, herbs, grapes and peaches from the backyard and very little protein, usually chicken stretched in a soup or stew with lots of vegetables. Always a small dish of spaghetti made with garden tomatoes and basil. Very few people were obese back then. Its the processed foods and convenience food that did that to us. 

If you have a tight budget cook fresh food. Make a pot of beans with a $2 smoked turkey leg, roast .99 cent a pound whole chicken legs, make a pot of chili with 2.99 ground chuck, boil a dozen eggs for $1.79 on sale for deviled eggs/salad/sliced on top of salad, poach eggs in spaghetti sauce, make omelets or frittatas. Simmer a $1.99 a pound pork butt to make pulled pork.

See? Eating right can be done on a budget.

Need some help with WHAT to get? Here are some great ideas and real life tips!


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