What a Fantastic Question!

Bariatric Eating Support is a very special Facebook Group that provides tens of thousands of people who are either interested in having or who have had Weight Loss Surgery a safe place to ask questions, find easy to eat foods & recipes and helpful articles. Now that you have joined….here are a few tips to help you feel a bit more at home:

FIRST…Check out our rules and guidelines, this will help you understand what’s ok….and what’s not ok in our group. They can be found HERE

THEN…Take a look at some of our fantastic articles and meal plans…they can help you navigate those early Post-Op Days or get you Back on Track! Here’s a few links that might be helpful:

  • New Post-Op? Here’s where you’ll find tips on WHAT and HOW to eat…basic food plans. LOTS of important info!
  • Protein & Vitamin 101
  • Do you have a Bariatric Regain? We’ve got you covered there too! Check THIS out for help!

Finally, take a second to start a new post and introduce yourself! We would all love to meet you!




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