This is a very common question we see in our support group. Why isn’t the scale moving?

“Feeling distraught! I’m 4 weeks post op and must be going to be a slow loser! I’m down 17 pounds post op and 21.4 total. I’m tracking everything and have begun walking (my energy levels have been so low). The scale just does not move! This is the rate I could have lost with Weight Watchers! I’m frustrated because my understanding was that for a time the surgery kind of worked itself and during that time you needed to establish good habits but you essentially lost weight in spite of yourself”~~ Kristina Hall Lai, member of Bariatric Eating Support on Facebook

But there is nothing wrong, and nothing to worry about. It is very common to have stall in weight loss around weeks 3-6. Your body is still healing from having surgery and needs time to catch up with the changes that are happening with your anatomy.

At this stage, we recommend that you stay off your scale so you don’t end up getting discouraged. We urge you to continue to focus on the plan provided by doctor, do not try to increase calories.

Remember your tools for success: 

  • Protein First
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Take your vitamins
  • Exercise 

Your weight loss will restart! You are not the person who surgery didn’t work for!

The Truth About Bariatric Surgery


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7 thoughts on “FAQ: I had weight loss surgery last week, why isn’t the scale moving?

  1. LeslieB says:

    I stalled as soon as I started phase 2 for 2 weeks. I got depressed about it, but kept on going. Make sure you are following eating plan, getting protein, vitamins, etc…., but I found that if I dont get enough water, I will not lose. Think of water as being the way your body can flush the broken down fat out. It always helps me. Dont stress about it either. I have hit several plateaus in my journey (6 mo post-op & 120# down!) in fact just came out of one that lasted an entire month! Remember that this is a process not a destination. I hated exercising when I was at my highest weight because of the pain in my legs. I started out doing 5 min/day of cardio. I can do an hour & 1/2 now and still going strong. You will get there!

    • Josephine Arwood says:

      Thank you. I am 2 weeks post-op, RNY. I’ve only lost 10 lbs. I keep telling myself not to compare myself to everyone else, but it is SO frustrating to see people dropping weight so fast and I am stuck….

    • Suzanne Shaw says:

      Sorry to hear that you are struggling Connie, my best advice would be to review what you are eating and drinking carefully for a few days. Make sure you are on track, sometimes we think we are on track but often we’re overeating and don’t realize it.

    • Cindy Dashko says:

      Me too I am the same and feeling low… have you done anything recently to make the weight come off? I am also hungry alot didn’t think that was supposed to happen?

  2. Billiejo says:

    Mentally, I’m trying to prepare for this. I’m 1 week out and weighed today. 2.2 pounds. But, total is 20 pounds since first of June. I was actually expecting no loss this week. I can not say that in a few weeks I will be cool about it. But, I know my body is in shock. Lol.

  3. Nicola says:

    I’m very thankful for this article!! I really needed to read this, because I’m feeling the same way. Not so much as disappointed but worried that my pouches might not work!!! But I’m staying on track!!

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