Why Was My Post About Which Surgery Is Best Deleted?

Great question!

Let us address this since there seems to be confusion and surprise that we close comments or delete when this question is asked. We have over sixty thousand people here and surgical comparisons are NEVER friendly open minded discussions. They ALWAYS disintegrate into comments that bash lap bands and place the surgery of the poster at the top, including silly comments that sleeve or stomach removal is somehow less invasive and parroting of interpretations of what people ‘believe’ their surgeons said. These threads create hurt feelings, put others on the defense of their choices and all in all are very inaccurate. If someone needs to compare surgeries, a support group is not the place for cutting edge information.

All bariatric surgeries are drastic, dangerous, invasive and require a serious commitment to change.

They will all fail without that commitment to change. None is better than the other. It’s the change that creates the success not the cutting and rearranging or removal of organs.

The best place to discuss which surgery is for you, is with a surgeon who does all the procedures you are considering. Peace!

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