When do we really get it?

This is an amazing question asked often on both our  support group pages and one member summed it up perfectly!

“I think the light bulb finally came on when I was reading all of this discussion about bread and realized where I probably went wrong. I had the Sleeve 5 years ago and never had any problems eating anything. I sometimes would get a 6 inch sub and make 3 meals out of it. I thought it was okay because I was still losing weight, but after reading posts here for a few days, NOW I understand it was the honeymoon part of the surgery in control. I set myself up for failure. I reached my goal and had a tummy tuck and had an open wound complication that sidelined me for months. I have regained half of what I lost but having found this site I now have HOPE again. It is time I stop playing the game of how much can I get away with.” – Deborah Frunk-Addis

Has Your Aha Moment Arrived?


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