I feel like sharing my regain story. I had open RNY in 2002, so I’ve been at this for 14 years. Funny thing is that I’ve never been in control as I am today!

Michelle's Regain Story

Back then my doctor preached ‘Everything in Moderation’ and of course I happily complied. I ate food I liked and lost weight. He also told me that based on my body shape I probably wouldn’t be as successful.

Nine months after surgery I moved and never saw my surgeon again. Of course over the years ‘life happens’ and it all began to slip away.

My starting weight was 360 pounds.
My lowest weight was 210 pounds.
It took ten years, but I regained to 290 pounds.
I felt lost and hopeless. 🙁

A year ago, somehow the BariatricEating Support Group popped up on my Facebook page. I started reading the posts and something about the message clicked in my brain. I could not stop thinking about it and a week later I stopped and picked up some protein powder from the nutrition store. I figured I would give this Back on Track plan a try. Things began to happen…

I realized my pouch still “worked” if I ate correctly and as a result, I started losing weight.
I have since switched to Inspire protein and I love it!
I enjoy exercising!
I feel great (never even had a cold over the winter!)
Best of all, I’m happy! Happier than I’ve been in years.

Last year I had just bought a size 26 pair of jeans. Today I comfortably zipped my size 16 skinny jeans and weighed in at 200.4 pounds – I’m right about to break through and can’t wait! I am currently at my lowest weight in over 20 years… yay me!

I have lost 90 pounds (AGAIN) with Bariatric Eating plans.

Michelle Pucci Boyd AFTER Back on Track


I mostly switch between Back on Track and BE Easy plans but this is a lifestyle I’m comfortable with. I have stumbled, but now I know how to get back up and I am confident I will continue to lose. I thank God every day for Susan Maria, the Admins of the BariatricEating Support Group on Facebook, and all of the members for the information and amazing support.

When I think back to the stinging words of my surgeon when he told me I would not be as successful, it makes my new life even sweeter. If I can do it, so can you.

Michelle Pucci Boyd
Member -Bariatric Eating ‘No More Regain’ Support Group on Facebook

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10 thoughts on ““I feel like sharing my Regain Story!” – Michelle Pucci Boyd

  1. Barbie says:

    Michelle, I just want to say Thank you so very much for sharing your story! It has given me hope that I too can loose my regained weight. You are an amazing woman! Thank you!

  2. Debra says:

    I am struggling to just went to doctor and now back on high blood pressure pills the weight conversation began I have started bot and have lost 4 pounds so far but it has been a struggle getting exercise in I have had 4 back surgeries and got told today by my surgeon I am full of arthritis so we are trying shots again on Friday so it hasn’t been a good day today

  3. Tara Tower says:

    I just read this and it sounds like you are telling my story. I had my R&Y Gastric Bypass in 2001. I lost 150 lbs I’ve one year’s time. But, back then nothing was ever mentioned about protein drinks, we had to do it with soft foods first,, no sugar, and moderation. “Listen to your pouch” was the mantra. Well, I have gained back 40 lbs of my weight and I am miserable. I still suffer with dumping syndrome on a regular basis, but my body craves carbs! I recently did a 4 month stint with Ideal Protein, but it made me very sick. I am convinced that I am allergic to soy. Most of their products including their shake is made with soy as the protein base. At any rate I bloat 14 lbs, but I was sick, hungry and very irritable. I am so unsure about how to implement the BOT into my life. I want to do this. What does BE mean? (Bariatric Eating)?

  4. Rennee says:

    Hi there .. my name is Rennee. I had the roux n y sorry if misspelled..2002.. lost about 80 pounds.. however today 2017. I still can’t find a doctor who truly understands what vitamins, blood tests , that I need ?? Please if anyone can help me with what it is that I need to take daily meaning yes I chew the calcium, take multi vitamin.. however I’m borderline anemic, my platelets are very low 128.. and whenever I need antibiotics… they almost never work like it should .. basically I’m asking is there a special antibiotic that people like me ask for more absorption? Any ideas ? Thank you much

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