My doctor and team told me that I need to take 1500mg calcium citrate and Journey 3+3 has just 500mg. Why don’t you put more in there?

Short answer: You can only fit just so much material in a capsule or tablet and we went for a SUPER CALCIUM where less is actually more.  I know how hard it is to take a handful of vitamins as I had bariatric surgery in 2001.   #notmyfirstrodeo


Most Bariatric Calcium is like CHALK, ugh.


I hated taking vitamins, calcium in particular, so I *really* didn’t until I broke a bone, lost a tooth and noticed the horrible deficiencies other post ops had. With my medical background, I knew there had to be a better way than chewing big colored chalk tablets all day long. The trick was to create a product that we actually liked and would actually TAKE every day… so we have packed a unique and highly efficient super calcium into our multi’s. I like efficiency.    #gamechanger

I wanted bariatric vitamins that were easy to take, tasted great, where I would not drag my feet to take or forget to take every single day.  Boom. Our Journey 3+3 tangerine and berry tabs contain 500mg of a high efficiency super calcium thats even better than calcium citrate. The capsules contain 750mg because we have more space!

Doctors and Nutritionists repeat 1500mg calcium over and over because they assume ORDINARY calcium citrate. When you take 1500mg of ordinary cheap calcium citrate the body takes in half of that. So even if you are able to choke down 1500mg of chalky calcium, you are only taking in 750mg.

HOWEVER, most post ops do not take 1500mg of ordinary calcium citrate a day; they may tell their doctor they do or make believe they do, but you and I know better. The dirty little secret is that few take calcium… there, I just outed you.

For Journey, we use calcium forms that are more efficient in low acid and are absorbed along a longer length of intestine. It’s smart science. Taking 750mg and getting 750mg is smarter than making believe we are taking 1500mg.


Yet another calcium layer is Journey Liquid Calcium Tangelo Shooter – it is absolutely DELICIOUS. Keep a bottle in the fridge door and take a shot. If you can even wrap your brain around calcium being good tasting, ours is a sip of smooth fresh tart tangelo that is pure super calcium! Two tablespoons contain 500mg of super calcium. Take 1 tablespoon for 250mg of super calcium.

Inspire PLUS is our new HIGH CALCIUM protein drink. The amazing flavor Inspire is known for with a secret…  350mg of super calcium in the mix. You can’t tell it’s in there. The Orange Cream is off the chain creamy orange creamsicle and Café Bella is total coffee shop drink – calcium is a bonus! These are our two best selling flavors and no one even thinks about all the calcium infusing into their bones and teeth while they sip these wonderful drinks.

Journey SuperCal Dimacal® capsules


Journey SuperCal is another layer of calcium if you don’t want to chew or sip. Each small capsule is 250mg of specialized ‘Super’ Calcium that is taken up at twice the rate of other forms of calcium salts. SuperCal is efficient, meaning you don’t need a ‘crazy high’ amount to get your required dose. It is the most absorbable and bioavailable form of calcium available in the world that absorbs almost completely into the body. Plus, no two hour rule!







Dairy is high in bioavailable calcium for bariatric post ops.

Then don’t forget FOOD. The BE bariatric diet is rich in calcium foods like Greek yogurt, almond milk, fat free milk, mozzarella cheese sticks, baby spinach, ricotta and cottage cheese. All contain dietary calcium which is the easiest for the body to suck in – you can take in 250mg calcium from food per day even with a 4 ounce pouch.

We make it easy to take plenty of calcium AND have it get into your body and to your bones! If it’s not an issue to take calcium… you will take it. We don’t need to feign compliance, we can do it and feel good about it. It takes someone on the inside to create products like these and I am proud of them!



3 thoughts on “FAQ: Aren’t we supposed to take 1500mg of Calcium?

  1. Darla Lov says:

    I can not take Calcium. As soon as i started taking it i started getting Kidney stones.
    I’ve had bone density test and all is very good for a 59 year old. They told me to just stop taking it.
    I do all my Inspire shakes with unsweetened almond milk. maybe thats what is doing me good.

  2. Bonnie Haas says:

    I had Gastric bypass in December of 2010. I take my vitamins including calcium faithfully. I had a fall in December 2017, had 6 compression fractures from T11 through L4. Talk about pain! I had three cemented one week and three the following. While re-cooperating I fell with my walker. Long story short I suffered with a total of 12 fractures and was out of work for 3 months. Today is 6/26/18 and I still have a lot of discomfort, mainly from inflammation which I am told could take up to a year to subside. I am told I will always feel as though I have arthritis in my back due to all that took place. I am 57 years old and sometimes feel like I’m 80.
    I now must inject myself nightly with a medicine to rebuild bone better and faster than the Prolia I was previously getting.
    Good Luck to all!!

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