Non scale victory: FLYING!

I used to dread traveling. Getting the side eye, smirks and eye rolls from my fellow passengers as they hoped I would not be the one seated next to them.

Of course I hoped just as much that I would be lucky enough to have an empty seat next to me but that never happened. <sigh>

airplant seat


My hips would bump every single seat en route to my row and even brush peoples heads and shoulders (CRINGE WORTHY) as I walked down that tiny little aisle to get to my spot.

THEN, stuffing myself all the way in, jamming myself into the frame and window, trying not to “spread over” onto or even TOUCH my neighbor. Knowing I could not even THINK of getting up during the flight. Ever. I thankfully could suck in my stomach long enough to hear that CLICK of my seatbelt so I never had to suffer the indignation of the dreaded SEAT BELT EXTENDER. I would cut off circulation to the lower half of my body and then quietly RELEASE the belt without a sound after take off and fly loose for the remainder of the flight.

Fast forward to today, after losing 100 pounds once, having a regain where it all almost went away and LOSING IT A SECOND TIME. Now, I choose the window because I LOVE the window – I want to see the world! I took this picture on my last trip, it was quite exhilarating to sit criss cross applesauce in a standard airline seat. That’s powerful stuff right there!



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