NSV – Non Scale Victory: the Checkout Squeeze


Ever get on line with your shopping cart, unload everything onto the belt, then try to squueeeze between the the cart and the candy rack to get to the credit card machine, and find you don’t fit?

So now you have to wait for the slow person in front of you to MOVE, or pull the basket backwards, causing five people to move out of your way behind you, to be able to fit through to pay?

Or while in line remember you FORGOT something and have to walk around the entire front of the store to go back inside because you cant squeeze past the people’s carts behind you? Then walk around the entire front of store again because you cant get to your cart again!

Been there done all those, not fun!


Now, it is a VICTORY go into the market, get my items, unload my basket, AND oh so gracefully slide through between the belt, the cart, the candy rack, the opposite wall, Plenty of room. It’s a great feeling!


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