We are going to talk about shoes, as more than 90% of all people having bariatric surgery are women.

It’s hard to rock a pair of heels at 300 pounds, but if you did, you understand what it’s like to *snap* a heel. I stubbornly refused to wear flats for years – even learning to replace the taps I would GRIND OFF my heels. I once had to pay $3250 to have hardwood floors refinished when the metal stumps on my heels punched holes while showing the home in my Real Estate sales job.

Most of us simply wore clogs, sneakers, flats and sensible shoes, citing ‘comfort over fashion’ when deep inside we hated that we had very limited choices. At my highest weight, my feet were flat, fat, wide and they spilled over the tops of cute fashionable shoes – I had no choice but to wear flat clogs and I hated it.

If you like these shoes, that is cool, but I hated that this was all that I could wear. Shallow? Absolutely. 🙂



Once I lost my first 100 pounds, in addition to my clothes being too big, my SHOES fell from my feet! I started wearing high heels again and happily rock the same size… but now they FIT. Am I Shallow? Again, absolutely… but I love love love shoes.


HIgh heels and Jeans: love em or loathe em

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