FAQ:  What is BOT and how does it work?

BOT stands for Back on Track and it is the Bariatric Eating BARIATRIC DIET PLAN that combines our Inspire protein drinks with really good tasting satisfying meals.

BACK ON TRACK has the highest success rate of any bariatric post op program – with thousands giving testament to often stunning weight losses, many coming after all seemed lost and hope was gone. Back on Track has been tried, proven and it works. Boom.


Back on Track Plan 2016 - Lose Regain

BOT – Back on Track has been designed for those who want to lose regain but need structure. It’s not a ‘liquid diet’ as you eat supper every day! The core plan is based on diet programs run by major medical universities and hospitals but differs in that it is specifically geared towards those who have had bariatric surgery.

Here is why Back on Track works. Since eating three meals a day has resulted in REGAIN for so many, it is apparent that we have not transitioned well to making SMART HEALTHY FOOD CHOICES. We have gone back to our old foods thinking the weight loss honeymoon would last forever. It doesn’t, and now even more than ever our choices do matter.

Four Inspire shakes plus just ONE smart healthy meal removes the confusion of ‘what to eat’, limits calories, fuels fat burning, creates fullness and allows full focus on putting together a healthy evening meal. We have six weeks of bariatric friendly menu plans – after week six if there are still pounds to lose, circle back to the week one menu.

Over time, it is common to have back slid into eating the old favorite foods that brought us to the point of stomach removal. Early on, we didn’t believe that one tortilla, one handful of chips, one sandwich, one piece of cake, and having popcorn at the movies just one time would at some point start the regain process… but it did.

Losing those first ten ‘Back on Track’ pounds gets us back on track and teaches us that those processed high carb foods are not for people who have had obesity surgery.

Back on Track puts a smile on a formerly unhappy face and once again creates hope for goal that had slipped away.

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