Remember the days when you would dread getting ready to leave the house?  The worst part for me: tying my shoes. I would bend over, or sit in a chair to try to tie them. Then I would get dizzy trying to stand on my head trying to tie the laces – I would end up red faced, huffing and puffing, and my shoe lace tied on the SIDE of my foot.

And propping up my foot to tie? Wasn’t happening either. I got to a point where I ended up resorting to these:

Being Able to Tie Your Shoelaces!


NOW, after losing my regain, I sit on the bed, slip on my shoes, and stand up and bend over to tie them. No huffing and puffing, an easy process, and a neatly tied bow on the TOP of my foot. Tied up and off to the races!


yellow shoes