WHY did YOU have weight loss surgery?

– Katharine Warmerdam, Admin of Bariatric Eating Support Groups on Facebook

Katharine Warmerdam, Admin on Bariatric Support Group on Facebook

Why did you have weight loss surgery and what are you willing to do to get to goal and stay there? These are things we all need to think long and hard about in order to succeed.

It is in our hands.

It is up to us.

The surgery gives us a beautiful long head start to quickly get out from under a smothering 100 pounds. We have about 12 months where the surgery does nearly all the work but it eventually falls back on us and the permanent changes we have learned to make during that time.

I had weight loss surgery because I was in a horrific car wreck and both of my feet were crushed. I was 398 pounds and in a wheelchair when my orthopedic surgeon said if I didn’t lose weight I’d be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. The rest of my life! It was a sobering life changing moment.

My insurance had a written exclusion, so I used my inheritance from my mother to pay for my weight loss surgery in cash. She would have approved.

From the very beginning I was all in. I followed all the rules. I lost weight steadily with the occasional stall. I got moving. I cleaned all the garbage foods out of my house, and changed the way I fed myself and almost as important, I changed the way I fed my family.

What a surprise that we all became healthier and more active!

*I gave up my wheelchair and gained my mobility.

*I gave up daily blood pressure meds to take bariatric vitamins.

*I gave up pasta and now the whole family prefers ‘zoodles’ or spaghetti squash. I didn’t ask or tell them, one day it was on their plates.

*I gave up bread and tortillas – I use a butter lettuce leaf or a plate to hold my yummy food.

*I gave up rice and make cauliflower rice which the family goes crazy for.

*I gave up fast food for real, whole, fresh, nutritious food.

*I gave up sitting on the sidelines for hiking and camping with my family.

*I gave up making excuses and learned to make positive choices.

*I gave up not traveling because I was too big and have flown to Holland, Uganda, Florida, California, Arizona, and Georgia. So far.

*I gave up using the scooter in the grocery store for walking.

*I gave up shopping in the aisles of the store where the junk lives for shopping around the perimeter where the meat, seafood, dairy and produce live.

What are you willing to give up to get the life you dream of? Dig deep and write down these affirmations to pull you through any rough days you may encounter. Join me and our admins in our Support Group on Facebook for amazing support for your journey! BE Inspired to Believe in your Journey. 


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5 thoughts on “WHY did you have weight loss surgery?

  1. Norma says:

    Medical reasons. I was on an insulin pump taking 10 vials of insulin a month. No control. I have a kidney disease that us. On trolled by blood pressure, taking BP pills. Fluid pills, low thyroid ,taking 2 milligrams pill daily. Weighed 248 lbs . Knave liver disease , fatty liver . It was the only other alternative left to live. Dr. Said he could not promise he could help, but it worked . I lost 100 lbs . But in 2013 was in a bad car wreck and had severe complications. Could not do usual routine, as in exercising, had syncopated had to have someone with me because I would fall out . Was in the hospital and could not find out why I was passing out. Had home health for a while. But now I am doing well ,Thank God, and I can now restart my routine so I can get my weight and skin tightened up again.

  2. Sandra says:

    I’d like to live a longer healthier life. I went into surgery with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and thyroid disease. It’s been 18 months and the only medication I continue to take is for my thyroid.

  3. Jeannie says:

    Medical problems. My doctor said lose weight or die basically. I tried every diet that came along and pill, only to regain the little I lost plus. When one of the diets landed me in the hospital I gave up on diets. I went to another doctor for stomach pain and together we decided the RNY would help me. I maxed out on lasix, potassium, high blood pressure,and thyroid meds . After eleven years weight is off I still take meds for thyroid but I’ll take that.

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