FAQ: Why can’t I have wonton wrappers, do you people think you are the Food Police?

We are so sorry you feel such primal anger in our commenting on your use of wontons. I am 17 years post op and with our team of Administrators we have lived through honeymoons and regains and all the way backThere is a lot of good information and advice here – it’s called EXPERIENCE – and all we ask is for you to at least open your mind and consider that our words may be true. 

No won tons for bariatric eating


We also see all these cute and yummy recipes on TASTY videos or Pinterest and oh my my I would love to make those little chocolate wonton turnovers or even the pizzas or the little cones, but wontons are not some wonderful magic carb free diet food – they are simply pasta squares. I thought wontons were awesome while I gained back 75 pounds making crab rangoon wontons, wonton lasagnas and ravioli.

Wontons are pasta.

Macaroni and pasta are on the NO list. Pasta (along with rice and bread) swells in the pouch and creates discomfort, plus they rapidly turn to sugar/glucose in the blood and create an intense hunger for more food. On the other hand, protein is slow burning, makes you very full and KEEPS you full for hours.

This is why pasta is on the ‘no list’ of ALL surgeons plans. We do find that many bariatric post ops do not realize that wontons are pasta.

Wontons are pasta.

Now about your lashing out at us, listen up. You can eat anything you’d like, but if wontons (or Mountain Dew, or pizza, or M&M’s, or sweet tea) are that important to your life, you may not be emotionally equipped for having had 85% of your stomach removed. You may want to consider therapy – there is no shame in therapy – your surgeons office can give you a referral. This may not be about food for you. Why so angry because we are not saying what you want to hear?

We are sort of proud of our Food Police status. People toss that at us as if it is an insult. It is not.

More people have lost regains, got Back on Track, or broke their stalls using our advice and plans than with any other group on the planet. No surgeons group, no hospital group, no online plan has helped more people to grab back control and LOSE WEIGHT than us. There are many thousands… you can be one of them if you open your mind. 

So please consider that we may be right on this one and are trying to help you if you allow us in.




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