Why is Inspire so expensive?

Often in life the Cost of an item is offset by it’s Value.

NEW Inspire PLUS and Inspire Plant Powered Protein Powder

Inspire is one of those items that is invaluable because of what it helps you to accomplish – health, goals, confidence. In that regard it’s not expensive. However, if you are non compliant, then yes, buying Inspire Protein is more expensive than *not* buying protein at all.

If you are buying *cheap* protein, you are still paying $25 to $30 a ‘jug’ at Walmart, Walgreens, or CVS and it’s hard to choke that stuff down unless you buy a $7 a bottle of sugar free syrup or add bananas to fix it up. We had one gal in our support group adding ice cream and Hershey’s syrup to her Walmart protein to make it drinkable! This isn’t a cheaper option.

Give the following some thought… if it doesn’t make sense, we probably can’t help you.

SIX things that cost the same as a bag of Inspire
1) a copay for the Dr. visit when your hair falls out.
2) a week of fancy coffee drinks or Sonic.
3) 5 of your favorite combo meals from a fast food place.
4) one pair of jeans in your closet that no longer fit.
5) one overhyped gadget – Yeti, singing water bottle, or Vegetti that you will use a couple of times and forget about.
6) one ‘girl’s night out’ at BWW

Remember what you went through to have this surgery. Now that you’ve had it, you are responsible for maintaining it. Inspire in a whole lot less expensive than the food that created your need for surgery and it will help you to change, as it has for thousands of others. Peace.