FAQ: Where is my post? Why was my post deleted? IS MY POST GONE? Why is my post gone?



You have to remember that we have over fifty thousand members in this group and things move very fast with that many fingers flying across the keyboards or mobile. Most of the time your post has just slipped much further down the page than you would think. It’s probably there… you just have to look hard for it.  

However, there are a couple of other potential scenarios as well…

1. Sometimes a member’s post promotes products made by another company. We do not feel compelled to use our amazing platform to promote other peoples products, so if you truly love something, it may be more appropriate for you to talk about it in their Facebook bariatric support group. Most of the time, if someone has something decent, we have a similar product that is actually better that you have not yet tried. OR, we may disagree that the product is a good product and in that case, we don’t think it is appropriate to prompt others to use it.

2. Another option is that your post may have contained a link – by policy, we remove all links because spammers sometimes post animal torture or porn links disguised as recipes. It is not nice, it is not fun. We don’t have time to click and check each one as that is both time consuming and traumatizing, so we simply remove them all. Such is the internet!

One thing for sure, it is always for the good of the group and it’s never personal!