Make a Toasty Warm Cafe Bella Latte! Mmmmmmmmm… 

If you have ever added a scoop of protein powder to a mug of steaming hot coffee or *gasp* microwaved it and ended up with a grainy clumpy mess… it’s becuase you didn’t know the trick!

Like so many things in life, once you learn the TRICK, the task suddenly seems simple! We will show you in this video. It’s easy & delicious. Bariatric Eating at its very best. 

How to blend protein with hot coffee. Inspire Cafe Bella latte for bariatric eating.


Watch how we take a scoop of Inspire Cafe Bella and some hot coffee to create a hot drink that tastes so good it will make you close your eyes and go mmmmmmmm! This is how to start your morning… take a morning protein break… an afternoon protein break… or end your evening curled up on the sofa. Anytime really! Mmmmmmm… 

Get Some Cafe Bella!