NON SCALE VICTORY: The “Fancypants” Shopping Trip

This NSV touches so many of us. I remember the days of passing the storefront of this particular store, gazing wistfully at the pretty lingerie inside, wishing I could get the courage to step in there without the unfounded fear of being asked “EXCUSE ME, ARE YOU LOST?”.

When I did finally get the gumption to go in, I discovered that the only thing that I could buy was perfume and lotion. Good products, but not what I REALLY wanted.


Now, the store is my oyster! I love the fact that I can go in there and buy all sorts of underpinnings- even nice lingerie, without the fear of them not having my size. I feel confident strolling in there, it’s quite the amazing feeling. Today, I was even able to buy a special garment for myself without trying it on. Good stuff! Okay okay… so I wasn’t just buying it for myself. Getting married was yet another Non Scale Victory I have recently experienced. Yay me!


This is what is called A HAPPY SMILE… and while walking around Victorias Secret on the inside my heart was doing a Happy Dance! Thank you for letting me share these wonderful moments with all of you. Please let me know if I can ever help any of you. PLEASE never feel as if it is hopeless. No matter how out of control things have grown, we are here to help you dig deep and find that little bit of confidence so you can get back on track like I did.

ali with VS bag