FAQ: I’m going to Starbucks and I am not sure what to order. Help!

Starbucks is a popular destination for most people. However, Bariatric Post-Ops need to tread lightly as things are not always what they seem! These drinks have calories that are off the charts – even a skinny can have a lot of sugar and hundreds of calories that people don’t even think about. Some stop by twice a day and wonder why they are in a stall or gaining.

Here is the skinny on what to order at Starbucks – most of the drinks are NOT for people who have had obesity surgery. Take note!

IMPORTANT: These numbers are NOT for the largest size – a VENTI, as Starbucks hides the true stats of the size most of us order. These numbers are for the smaller Grande that NONE of us order. Seriously, when is the last time you ordered a TALL or  GRANDE… puleaseeeee.

What to Order At Starbucks


So, first… what to order at Starbucks? Here is the story and an answer.

Several years ago, I made some permanent changes to all things Starbucks. I stopped ordering ‘skinny’ drinks and I never never never go through the drive though. I became quite ill and nearly had a car accident after drinking a latte that I ordered with sugar free syrup.

Unknown to me, the barista used regular syrup. While driving, I started to feel faint, got clammy and then passed out while stopped at a red light. I was awakened by horns blowing and managed to pull into a parking lot. I called my husband for help seconds before locking my car doors and falling asleep.

None of us really know what goes into the cup unless we can see it. I am super sensitive to added sugar as I have a gastric bypass and must be vigilant. I now happily order a Venti House Coffee and add some milk and cinnamon at the fixing station. I trust NO ONE unless I can watch them. It’s my life.

All around, these drinks are Good and Safe for those who have had weight loss surgery:
Skim milk latte
Unsweetened almond milk latte
Skim milk cappuccino
Unsweetened almond milk cappuccino


Now the SKINNY on what we have been drinking… ugh. 

Take a look at some of the numbers on the popular holiday drinks that SOUND SO GOOD and are SOOOOO easy to justify and what’s REALLY inside. These numbers are for a GRANDE, not the Venti that we ALL order.

Starbucks for Bariatric Eating


Gingerbread Latte
Calories 394
Carbs 42
Sugar 38

Gingerbread Frappuccino
Calories 380
Carbs 57
Sugar 53

Egg Nog Latte
Calories 351
Carbs 45
Sugar 42

Iced Egg Nog Latte
Calories 351
Carbs 45
Sugar 42

Toffee Nut Latte
Calories 286
Carbs 31
Sugar 28

Toffee Nut Frappuccino
Calories 391
Carbs 58
Sugar 54


Starbucks, and most coffee shops round out their milk filled drinks with what looks like thin and light syrups but are a bit of a mine field when it comes to sugar…even their regular offerings are no healthier.
Vanilla Frappuccino
Calories 329
Carbs 30
Sugar 41

Mocha Frappuccino
Calories 400
Carbs 58
Sugar 52

Signature Hot Chocolate
Calories 556
Carbs 59
Sugar 47

Chai Tea Latte
Calories 255
Carbs 43
Sugar 41

Even the simple “Skinny” Latte has enough carbs from the MILK to make some post ops very sick.
Skinny Caffe Latte
Calories 131
Carbs 19
Sugar 17


TO RECAP… remember that we LOVE LOVE LOVE coffee and LOVE LOVE LOVE Starbucks, but to keep the weight coming off, try one of these instead. They are just as wonderful and you can sip them while wearing smaller pants.

Iced or Hot Cafe Americano
Coffee, both iced or hot. *Please note when ordering iced coffee you must specify that it be sugar free. “No Classic” is how to request this at Starbucks. Iced coffee on it’s own is bitter and most coffee shops add a simple sugar syrup to it.
Skim milk latte
Unsweetened almond milk latte
Skim milk cappuccino
Unsweetened almond milk cappuccino


Best choice? Keep it SIMPLE with a cup of coffee. You can add milk, Splenda, Truvia and even Cinnamon or Nutmeg…

Fresh Filter Coffee
Calories 5
Carbs 0
Sugar 0