Every now and then a member just flat out nails it!

This was the New year Eve message posted by Bariatric Eating Support Group member Helen Peck Humphress – she and her husband are a bariatric surgery couple and this was their holiday meal to end the old year and start the new. This is simply beautiful delicious food that no one would ever think was *special dietary food* because it isn’t. It is well prepared fresh food that is also arranged on lovely porcelain plates with lots of care. This is bariatric eating at its finest. Well played Helen!


Celebrating a quiet New Year’s Eve with my husband and staying on track bariatric style. We have both had RNY and lost a total of 275 pounds between us. Here’s to a “Bari” Happy New Year! logo?  – Helen

Cheese, Pickles and Olive plate

Vegetables and Hidden Valley Ranch Dip

Apple Brie Bacon Bites

Marinated Steak Tips

Helen Peck Humphress

Helen Peck Humphress for Bariatric Eating