It’s Just Human Nature – Marisa Ligons, Admin & Coach Bariatric Eating Support Groups on Facebook

We get a lot of posts asking when can I have ‘THIS’ again – soda, bread, cereal, popcorn, chips, pasta, rice, cream cheese, tortillas, crackers – you get the idea.


When can I have popcorn again after bariatric surgery?


Before we had bariatric surgery, many of these things were a part of our staple eating, our everyday choices. Now that we have had obesity surgery, we need to change our eating, yet many seem to fight this change and cling desperately to those foods that we ate beforehand.

Why? Because they are a habit, a part of our lives. We don’t WANT to acknowledge that it was those things that got us to the point of needing such a drastic operation as having one of our organs partially removed or rerouted.

After surgery our eating has to change or we risk ending up back where we started. We want to use foods to fuel our bodies and feel healthy but still enjoy eating. Think about it – if all the foods we ate before surgery worked for losing weight then why would we have needed surgery? Yes, some of the things we advise people not to have after surgery are good food choices for a person who hasn’t had weight loss surgery. We went to an extreme to take control of our weight and health – so that means making the hard changes.

Does that mean you can NEVER eat something again? Nope. You are an adult you can eat whatever you please. Should you? Probably not if you want to be successful long term.

If you find that you have to constantly defend something – maybe, just maybe it is a sign that you should let it go. If we keep clinging to the habits that got us to the point of obesity, we have no intention of really changing them.

Post op life isn’t easy and requires the changing of our eating habits if we want to be successful. So no, we aren’t killjoys who want to be the food police and tell you all the things you can’t have. Rather, we want to encourage you to stop clinging to foods that aren’t going to help you get where you want to be.

So drink some Inspire, have some chicken & veggies, sip up that water and let’s make some new healthy habits!